What we do on Tuesdays in our Homeschool
What We Do On...

What we do on… Tuesdays

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Hey, Guys! We will be starting school soon, and since today is Tuesday, I wanted to talk about what we do on Tuesdays in our homeschool and a bit about the curriculum I am excited about this year. 🙂

Check out my new video on my Youtube Channel where I talk more about our Tuesdays, and more details about our Small Group Math!

We use our Weekly Subject Check List and it really has helped keep me and the kids stay on track with our plan and see our progress for the week. At the end of the week, whatever isn’t checked off, we do for homework or try to get to the next week. The curriculum has enough lessons for daily lessons for whole group math, and twice a week for small group math Numbers 1-30 and Guided Reading.

Over this Summer, our Tuesday’s 3 Goals were:

  1. Guided Reading
  2. Small Group Math
  3. Mystery Activity?

Our Plan starting in September will have a few additions:

  1. Circle TimeThis I added in on the list, in hopes that we will do this more
  2. Guided Reading
  3. Small Group Math
  4. Reading Comprehension Notebookthis was added in because I found this cute notebook I needed to fit in somewhere!
  5. Mystery Activity?

We are still in the transition from an unschooling approach because all the other curriculum we have tried really didn’t stick so I created my own with Jolly Phonics mixed with SSP (Speach Sound Pics) and code mapping the high-frequency words. This lead to me developing my Tricky Words Flash Cards in code mapping and pre-cursive font, which have been a huge helping aid for my daughter and son, who really struggled before we started in with this approach. You can read more about how we use our tricky words here, here and here. I am in the process of launching more Jolly Phonics words in code mapping, for spelling words from each set of letters in the Jolly Phonics program.



What our Tuesdays Look Like

We read a book and it is from our Reading List for the Year, which you can find as a bonus section in My New Printable “Our Homeschool Organizer”, or receive it as a free gift for joining my mailing list, which you can count on for lots of special tips, new post updates, and Freebies.

Circle Time

We begin with a really fun 15 minutes of Show and Tell, Calendar Time and a Story. This time has been really important to help the kids feel like a “class”, working together. This space also serves for Writers Workshops mini lessons.

Guided Reading

Guided Reading Curriculum we use in our Homeschool
Our Guided Reading curriculum from Deanna Jump and DeeDee Willis

We are using the guided reading program from teacher Deanna Jump and Deedee Willis from teachers pay teachers. Starting with their Kindergarten AA and A set, allows me to work on the basics and teach all three together, because it touches on all their levels, from Prek to grade 1/2. I do not stick with ‘grade’ level for curriculum, so much as my kids learning abilities. This program has it all, and it is not boring, which is key for my kiddos. They have fun reading strategies and cute toys/tools for the kids to use and great ideas for how to do word work, making words, and so on. I also started from the beginning because my kids were not used to the small group method so we wanted to introduce it.

What I love about this curriculum from Deanna Jump is that it is so easy to put together and teach, that I have not been worried at all about what I’m going to teach. I simply open up the binder and go to the next lesson. Each lesson is structured the same and it has a familiarity to each lesson just with new words, and some different games. It does take some time to put the binders together with all the printing and cutting and get the books stapled, but I love doing that kind of stuff so it’s really like fun for me. Once all that prep work is done, it’s like a huge weight lifted!

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for another program to try, and because they have multiple levels, you can be teaching AA to your youngest, while you are teaching B and D to your older ones. My kids are still fairly young, and in the similar ranges so at this time I do not need to have a huge range of grades for them, maybe once this is done, I can move on with my oldest. That is the beauty of homeschooling, you can tailor the learning to your kids.

Small Group Math

Small Group Math Curriculum we use
Our Small Group Math Curriculum from TpT that we use in our homeschool

We are using the Small Group Math Growing Bundle from Deanna Jump & Deedee Wills, another winner. It is so much fun, easy to teach, simple to prep for and touches on all the things like fluency, flash cards, handwriting practice, songs, and activities, crafts and let the lessons are short and sweet, and also have a whole group connection her her whole group math, which we do on Mondays. This bundle is working on numbers 1-30 and has many lessons, you could be teaching this daily. She also has a craft at the end of every 10 lessons where the kids incorporate what they are learning while making a craft. They have pre-tests and post-tests for you to utilize to see what level they are at, and that helps you to see what you need to work more at, which is helpful for me.

Again, I used to be addicted to Pinterest and I would fall into the rabbit hole of constantly searching for what to do and how to do it, but not anymore! I am hopeful for this year, to keep us on a nice steady pace of family time, chores, school, and play time (plus maybe more mommy time).

We do add in our Handwriting Without Tears, Chalk Board writing practice at the beginning of this small group math period.


Reading Comprehension Journal

Our Reading Comprehension Notebook from TpT
Reading Comprehension Notebook from TpT

This is a download from TpT, which includes 3 versions for Kindergarten, Grade 1 & 2. It will last me a good few years and was a good price, and easily fits in a binder or duo-tang, I put about 20 or so days of sheets in a duo-tang. We will see how it goes, as I have added it in for our Tuesdays

Last, but not least,  A Mystery Activity!

This is more of a fun little extra, that keeps them all together at the table, and seems more like a ‘treat’. I simply choose an educational board game, like candy land, or memory, or pull out one of our Lego sets we have been meaning to build, or some other learning game I may have up my sleeve, or in a drawer somewhere. It is a fun way to end the day, and they get stickers for it as well.

At the end of the day/class, we count up the new stickers they have earned and check to see if they can go look in the treasure chest. Sometimes they want to do one or two more things to earn more stickers, and in that case, they read another book or re-read the book from our lesson and get one more sticker. We also try to clean up the table and the play room a bit too. This does add up to more stickers.

Treasure Chest for sticker chart rewards
Our Treasure Chest of Goodies

Then they run off to go play Roblox, Minecraft, or Splatoon while I go do some laundry, get dinner started, and work on my next blog post 🙂

So that’s what our Tuesday usually looks like, and as the year progresses, I am hopeful to add one or two more subjects to my oldest routine, and I am sure I will post more videos and pics about how the curriculum is going for us.


My Top Product Pics for my Tuesdays Subjects:


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