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Watercolor Painted Flashcards to Boost Memory Retention for Kids!

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We are using watercolors to add a splash of color to our Flashcards from our Trumpet of the Swan Study to increase memory retention, and it was just what we needed because Claire is getting really interested in practicing her vocabulary this week, so I wanted to encourage her with something a little bit different. Plus I am all out of laminating sheets, so this seemed like a great way to make them special.

As we continue to read the chapters of The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White, we are also working on our vocabulary skills, with a selection of words found in each chapter. These are included in the study guide. I choose a mix of colors that would help me create a paring of words per chapter.

I painted them all in an evening, cut them out, and labeled the backs with what chapter they were from.

We soon were practicing all the words in our play room area, like we do with all vocabulary flashcards. They kids really love this, and its a little different each time.

There is something about adding color to something simple like these flashcards that really made this time special. We have been slowly lopping back to this study all year, and it has been really rich for us.

You can see this study in action here!



Thanks for reading today, I hope you have a beautiful weekend and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and watercolor painted flashcards too!


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