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Water Pollution Observation Science Experiment

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During our Earth Day Studies, we did a really fun Water Pollution Observation Science Experiment, and the kids loved it! A great hands-on project at any time of the year! Let me share with you what it was like…


Hands-on Learning about Water Science


Learning about our earth is something we love to do any time of year, and during April’s Reading Theme, we have followed some really fun science projects, and observing how our water can become polluted is one of them. We also like to take out this science experiment during the fall as well, if we have the time!

Since doing this project a year ago, I have created our own printable, with the help of my son, who loves helping me create printables!

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When we did this observation experiment, we started with two clean water jugs, and took little bowls outside and picked up some things from around the yard that the kids thought would make the water dirty.



And we slowly began to add debris into the one jar and left the other clean so we could really see the difference.


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As the children continued to add more and more items into the water, we would pause, and draw what it was looking like, with each new addition. They noticed that they each had a different drawing because they were looking at it from a different angle or perspective.



They could also write their findings and the difference between the two jars. This lesson was really hands-on and got the kids really taking the time to look closely, and tell me the differences they saw.



For my kindergartener, he drew his picture and dictated his thoughts to me and I loved how eager he was to do this project because most paperwork is not greeted with this much interest.



Overall, this was an easy project to do which that had a great learning impact, and with three kids under 7 and a toddler at our feet, this was a fun change from the norm.


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