The Value of Listening to other Homeschooling Mom’s for Inspiration

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Today I wanted to talk about the value of listening to others who Homeschool, to gain inspiration and learning from one another. I have so many of you who I have met over this last year of homeschooling, through the field trips, and meeting on the Facebook page, and it has really been a great way for me to feel ‘not alone in the cause’ of this huge undertaking of raising kids and learning at home, finding our groove and what works for us and our kids. Our Kids who are always around and who need you 24/7 it seems some times.

But, I wanted to share with you all, a wonderful inspiration I have just recently found on youtube. Someone who I think you guys should listen to, today! Don’t wait, take your pick of my TOP 10 favorites from her Channel, click the link, find a quiet or mostly quiet place in your house, maybe a heat pack and something to drink or eat and just enjoy yourself and listen in;)

Her name is Brave Writer, Julie Bogart, from the USA and she has some really great, real and touching stories and tips for homeschooling. She has older full grown homeschooled children and her wisdom comes from seeing it from the beginning to the end…. and because I am at the beginning phase, it was so valuable to me to hear her advice and her thoughts, it was like she was saying the things I really needed to hear.

So, here are my TOP 10 Fav’s From Brave Writer:

#1) 5 Tips for your Morning Homeschool Routine

#2) Top 10 Things to Have done by the End of High School

#3) The Value of Wasting Time: Go slow to Go Fast

#4) 55 Things I did NOT do as a Homeschooler

#5) Play vs Work, or in Other words, Play First, rake Leaves Later

#6) Reading: Stuff Every Parent Needs To Know

#7) The Split Between Structured and Unstructured Learning

#8) Are you one big happy family? Homeschool Advice for the Frazzled

#9) You are the Blueprint PLUS Liam Talks about Video Gaming and Homeschool

#10) Flip the Energy in Your Homeschool: 3 Tips

After I watched these videos from Brave Writer, I figured I would look up more about what her business is about. Well I am so happy I did because she has a language arts program that seems like it will fit us perfectly!

‘Jot It Down’ is the name of it, and it is basically what we have just naturally been doing, because nothing else was working. I am going to look further into it myself for my children, because of how awesome this lady is. 🙂 You should check it out as well if you have a child from ages 5-8 who have these types of Characteristics:

  • Learning to read, handwrite, and spell
  • Freely shares little stories and experiences
  • Is blocked when trying to handwrite original thoughts
  • Original writing doesn’t reflect sophistication of speech

She also says to not be governed by the age range and to go where it best describes your child at their stage.

Her program has so many more stages of learning, not just this one, such as 9-10 Partnership Writing, 11-12 Faltering Ownership, 13-14 Transition to Ownership, 15-18 Eavesdropping on the Great Conversation

You can find more awesomeness from Brave Writer on her site, HERE! She has so many awesome things that I am just starting to find myself, curriculum, teaching how-tos, coaching, and so much more!

I hope that one or more of these was something that could help you through your day. I would love to hear any feed back on this.



Sharing is caring!

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