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What we do on… Tuesdays ~Spot Light on Guided Reading + My Latest YouTube Video

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Spot light on Guided reading



My Spot Light is on Guided Reading for What We Do On… Series Posts. In the last post of this series I talked in huge detail about what we do on Tuesdays, with our Small Group Math YouTube Video, and today I wanted to share with you our latest Youtube video where I talk more about the Guided Reading Curriculum that really works well for all three of my children, ages 3, 6, & 7, from Deanna Jump and DeeDee Willis which I am thrilled to have found and love to teach to my kids this year! For the most part, we do a lot of unschooling around here, but when we do sit down for school work, this is the curriculum we open up and use.

If you are looking to add a Guided Reading Program into your Homeschool this year with your homeschool students, I would highly recommend you give it a try, you can find it here.

Our Tuesday’s Plan is all laid out with our Student’s Weekly Subject Check List, and it has been a lifesaver.

More about our Guided Reading

We are using the guided reading program from teacher Deanna Jump and Deedee Willis from teachers pay teachers. Starting with their Kindergarten AA and A set, allows me to work on the basics and teach all three together, because it touches on all their levels, from Prek to grade 1/2. I do not stick with ‘grade’ level for curriculum, so much as my kids learning abilities. This program has it all, and it is not boring, which is key for my kiddos. They have fun reading strategies and cute toys/tools for the kids to use and great ideas for how to do word work, making words, and so on. I also started from the beginning because my kids were not used to the small group method so we wanted to introduce it.

What I love about this curriculum from Deanna Jump is that it is so easy to put together and teach, that I have not been worried at all about what I’m going to teach. I simply open up the binder and go to the next lesson. Each lesson is structured the same and it has a familiarity to each lesson just with new words, and some different games. It does take some time to put the binders together with all the printing and cutting and get the books stapled, but I love doing that kind of stuff so it’s really like fun for me. Once all that prep work is done, it’s like a huge weight lifted!

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for another program to try, and because they have multiple levels, you can be teaching AA to your youngest, while you are teaching B and D to your older ones. My kids are still fairly young, and in the similar ranges so at this time I do not need to have a huge range of grades for them, maybe once this is done, I can move on with my oldest. That is the beauty of homeschooling, you can tailor the learning to your kids.


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