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Truffula Trees Craft for Kids

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Create this cute and simple Truffula Trees Craft at home with your kids with toothpicks, pompoms, sharpie markers, recycled styrofoam boxes, and tempera paint!

Truffula Trees Craft

Mr7 has really been interested in the Lorax, by Dr.Suess, and I have been reading it over and over again. He and I have come up be another cute recycled craft inspired by the book and the movie!

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Truffula Trees Craft For Kids:

What you need:

Truffula Trees Craft

Method to Make Truffula Trees Craft with your kids:

  1. Set down newspaper to cover your work area, and paint your styrofoam green and let dry.
  2. Color your toothpicks yellow, with paint or a sharpie marker. Using a sharpie marker helps with the drying time. Feel free to use paint with this if you prefer! Mr7 son loves using sharpie markers and has been drawing Fortnite Maps with them constantly. Once your toothpicks are all colored yellow, add in little dashes of black, in rows down each toothpick.
  3. Use your tacky glue on the tips of your toothpicks, and add the pom poms to the top, poking the toothpicks into them to secure.
  4. Once your paint has dried, simply poke your toothpick truffula trees into your styrofoam! (this can be before or after you glue your pom poms on)

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Truffula Trees Craft

Mr7 waned the small pom poms on smaller trees, so he pushed them through the styrofoam deeper, and he also cut down one of the trees, like in the book. You could glue down the cut trees or simply tape them down as mr7 wanted too. He has also been watching the movie over and over, which is I think is great! Repetition really does help with learning. It was really fun to run with this art project that my son was inspired to create this week.

Grab the Supplies We Use Every Day:

Thanks for reading today!

Do your kids love the Lorax?

Til next time, have fun with scissors and glue and truffula trees too!



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