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My Top 20 Picks for Back To School Supplies for the Homeschooler

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We are starting back at regular school days this week, and we got a great idea from another homeschooling family that my 2nd grader found on YouTube, where they get to open their supplies like Christmas morning!

We did try to keep it all a surprise, but I think that was sort of a bust, as they really wanted to be included in the shopping and didn’t want to wait lol. But it was exciting and I think the point was made for our exciting back to school time.

Our plans are to start back to school slowly over the next few weeks and I organized all their school supplies into the school room over the last couple days. It has been a fun time. I’d love to hear about what you guys do for your back to school traditions?

Also, check out our latest Homeschool Field Trip that we have planned at the Zoo for grades 1-8 in the event page or calendar under September, or click here to get direct access to that event! We still have space available so far.

Here are My Top 20 Picks for Back to School Supplies for Homeschoolers:

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