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Tinfoil Egg Holders for an Ollie EggPop! Breakfast

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Since reading The Boy Who Became What He Ate we were inspired to create our own tinfoil egg holders for an exciting, fun and healthy breakfast just like Ollie!

Do you want to try an Ollie Breakfast, but realize you don’t have egg holders?

No worries! I’ll show you how to make your own in a pinch for your kids out of tinfoil!

Let’s make our own Tinfoil egg holders!

Tinfoil is a really fun material to create with, and since we have been creating the Build Your Masterpiece Class, we have been experimenting with art projects with tinfoil, and it came to no surprise to me when my son came up with this brilliant idea for us to make our own egg holders from tinfoil!

All you need is an egg and tinfoil.

Place your egg in the middle of a long strip of tinfoil and start to mold your foil around the shape of your egg.

Begin to pinch more of the foil to create the stand, like a wine glass stem.

Then you can begin to bunch the rest of the foil at the bottom to create the final part of the egg holder, the base, which will help hold up your egg!

Pinching and molding the base comes together nicely, with the remaining amount of foil.

To create a stronger cup holder for your egg, take another small strip of foil, and wrap it around the top.

With about an inch or so above, you will then begin to fold the foil into the Center of the egg holder.

Do this around and around until you have used up your strip of foil.

At this point, your tinfoil egg holder is complete and ready to use for your Ollie Inspired superhero egg breakfast!

“Ollie loved being an egg because, as everyone knows, eggs are super heroes.”

Our breakfast with tinfoil egg holders was a success!

These adorable little creations made our breakfast really exciting, different and magically got my kiddos to try a hard boiled egg, with toast soldiers, fresh blueberries with a glass of milk!

Check our out Read-Aloud on YT of The Boy Who Became What He Ate by Ollie’s Edible Adventures:

What we love about this book:

  1. It’s fun and creative.
  2. Presents meal time for kids in a simple way, getting them interested in food!
  3. Great to read during mealtime.
  4. Opens up new foods to kids, that Ollie likes to try!
  5. A positive example for teaching food is fuel for play and imagination.
  6. Provides parents and caregivers creative ideas for meals that kids find interesting and fun!

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Thanks for reading today.

Do you have picky eaters? Let us know in the comments below!

Continue to build your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and tinfoil too!



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