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The Boy Who Became What He Ate Book Review + GIVEAWAY!

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We love Ollie The Boy Who Became What He Ate and his Food-Super Powers! Follow him on his food-fueled adventures and see what he will ‘Ollie-POP’ into next!

Ollie helps kids to try new foods!

When we were asked by the Ollie Club to review the children’s book “The Boy Who Became What He Ate” by Ollie’s Edible Adventures, as seen on CBC Kids in Canada and NBC’s Universal Kids in the USA, I was over the moon! Our kids love this show, and couldn’t wait to read the book! They were so excited when Season 2 came out last month in Canada on CBC that we have been checking out each new episode. There will be new episodes beginning April 26th, 2019. You can check out all the episodes of season 1 here. The music is so much fun and we sing the song together every time! We love watching Ollie’s fun food-fueled adventures, as he eats new healthy foods.

Ollie, The Boy Who Became what he Ate was written to help parents and caregivers alike, to make mealtime a fun, positive success for kids! On top of this great book, and tv show, The Ollie Club also has a great recipe book, and more resource books for parents, children, and caregivers! With their amazingly creative tips, tricks, and fun recipe names, your kids will be excited for mealtime with Ollie!

Try a yummy bowl of Cosmic Crunch in the morning or some Sticky Swamp Quiche at lunch, and a heaping plate of Marine Dream for dinner, and have your kids giggling for more. I love that each recipe has shortcuts and tips to get kids involved – which is a way to encourage them to eat and try new foods! They have really helped our picky eaters. These meals are our favorites and sure to be winners with your kids.  I will be sharing with you on Instagram, and the blog, the meals we make, and how they went with our children. I’m so happy to have found this book, because Mr.5 is loving it, and trying more foods than ever before!

We read it at snack time and bedtime.

Eating blueberries and reading The Boy Who Became What He Ate at bedtime.

The Ollie Club has donated 4 Books that we will be giving away to 3 Lucky Winners so don’t forget to enter on this post! ( And for a second chance to win, head over to our Instagram Account!)


Watch our Read-Aloud of The Boy Who Became What He Ate, by Ollie’s Edible Adventures:

The book begins with Ollie waking up feeling hungry, and is excited to start his day with breakfast time.

Ollie’s breakfast consists of one boiled egg, a bowl of fresh raspberries, cereal with milk, and a crumpet with jam! This meal looks yummy and we are planning on trying it out next, just like Ollie! Stay tuned for that in our next post…

Follow our Adventures on Instagram and see what yummy meal of Ollie’s we try next!

“Ollie loves being an egg because, as everyone knows, eggs are super heroes.”

Like none other, Ollie makes mealtime an adventure, encouraging eating a balanced meal with the bonus of super fun playtime afterward!

Broccoli for Lunch!

Olli is brave and without hesitation eats his broccoli and turns into a giant tree! Of course, he meets the adorable and famous hungry caterpillar, who really just needs to eat something healthy for once!

After the magic of what he turns into wares off, he pops back into himself and carries on with his day. We are left to wonder what will be pop into next?

If Ollie can try it, so can I!

It’s fun to try the things Ollie eats, and picky eaters will feel excited to join in the fun and see what they might turn into next.

This book teaches our kids in a fun way, the concept that food is fuel – fuelling him up and working it’s magic as Ollie uses his imagination all day long!

Snack time hits and he is offered yummy grapes!

Next, Ollie pops into a large grape and finds himself playing games and tickling with his new buddies who love to hang out in bunches!

Our kiddos started to think maybe they could give grapes and broccoli a try sometime too!

Next comes dinner, with Fish Steak!

Seeing such a lovely dinner table, all set just so, was lovely to see! Ollie, sitting so nicely and eager to try what was made is a great example to share, and I know I haven’t made a whole fish quite like this before, and my son was wondering why they would leave the fin and tail on? It was neat to see and talk about.

After eating his fish dinner, Ollie Pops into a smart fish, who goes swimming and counting in his little fish bowl! My son loves to count, so this page was a delight for him. After a long day of popping into awesome food, Ollie is ready to sleep. And what does he dream of? Why jumping broccoli of course!

Buy this book today for your picky eaters!


Thanks for reading today!

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Continue to build your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and food-fueled adventures too!



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