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Teach Heathy Eating, Plus Bees + Honey

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I found some really wonderful teaching resources about Healthy Foods, Grocery Shopping, Bees + Honey, that I am so excited to share about with you today, plus some helpful tips for Picky Eaters…

I have recently found a great learning resource from Nature Nate’s Naturals which offers you some wonderful free resources! Are you looking to teach your kids about healthy food, where food comes from, making good food choices and more? Let’s learn more about what this FREE Learning Resouce has to offer you…

With their free lesson plan, you and your kids will get to;

  • play fun matching games about where our food comes from,
  • learn about what foods are good for your body,
  • learn about why REAL Foods are best for you to eat,
  • learn about what Foods are NOT Real,
  • and play a fun ‘grocery store shopping trip game‘!


They have Student Worksheets and a Teachers Lesson Guide, for you to enjoy which I really like because there is that added assistance with teaching. Sometimes my kids just run with the activity and I do not follow the lesson plan to a tee, but it is nice to have there, none the less.


Here are the books that accompany this Lesson Plan, to help create a full circle lesson for your kids!

How Did That Get in My Lunch Box by Chris Butterworth + Lucia Gaggiotti 

We have this book and we love it! The kids had me read it to them again and again, and it shows our kids where the food they eat, comes from. If you have not read this one yet, search for it at your local library or find it at Amazon here.

The Bee Book by Charlotte Milner

I have heard wonderful things about The Bee Book I and look forward to reading it this year as well. I have seen so many Instagram accounts using it with their kids and learning so much about BEES, so I am glad this one is included.

Finding this resource has me excited and I am going to add this to the plan for my kids to do this year. We did do a lesson similar to this a few years ago, which I am still trying to look for pictures of… and when I do find them,  I hope to post about what we did, because it was pretty fun,  but I realize that I did not post about….but I want to!

Long Live the Bees Lesson Plan

Are you looking for a BEE Lesson to tie into all of this? Nature Nate’s Naturals is, after all, a honey company, and they have created a beautiful and free Lesson Plan called LONG LIVE THE BEES

They have gone to the next level, in selling and educating their customers about their product, Raw Unfiltered Honey, which honestly has me so impressed, I want to buy their honey right away! As well as print out this next FREE Learning resource plan, all about BEES. The pages are beautifully illustrated and provide you and your kids with a plethora of information, and they are also really fun to color.

Here is the fun Bee Project that my preschooler and I did together while learning about the Letter B, with the Peaceful Preschool. I added in a few other coloring pages I found for him.

You can find the hive to color here and similar bees here. While he was gluing them on, he was telling me a story about it all, and so I wrote down what he said, in sections of the poster while he colored.

In the All About BEES Lesson Plan, you can expect to learn things like;

  • What is a Honey Bee, and Why do we need them?
  • What’s Better for Bee Pollination
  • Labeling Parts of a Bee
  • Parts of a Bee Hive
  • What States Bees are most happy to live in
  • Learn about beekeepers
  • Draw your own honey bottle + Label.

Learn about the Importance of Bees here.

Buy your own RAW UNFILTERED HONEY and Find a Store Near You!

Read more about How Honey Can Sweeten Your Life Naturally.


Let me know in the comments below:

Do you think it is important to teach your kids about where our food comes from, and how we get it? 


I have some good friend bloggers who homeschool, and have come up with some great advice for us about food, kids, and habits… let’s see what they are sharing today:

Do you have picky eaters?

When Picky Eating is More Than a Stage

My friend Ginny who writes at Not so Formulatic has written up this really informative post that may help you figure out if your picky eater needs a bit more help.

Do you want to help instill great cooking values in your kids?

Healthy Kids in the Kitchen with Picture Book Starters

My friend Cindy who writes at Our Journey Westward has written up this great post all about Introducing Healthy Eating and Cooking with your kids, by reading Children’s Books all about Food, Cooking and Eating! This book list is fabulous and includes lots of my favorite books, you will love it!

I hope that you guys enjoy these learning resources, for you and your kids in your homeschool!

Till next time,

Breathe deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and honey bees too!


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