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Tea Time Clay Treats in Our Mud Kitchen

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Make these fun and simple Tea Time Clay Treats with your kids, inside or outside in a mud kitchen, and enjoy our latest YouTube Video Art Project Tutorial!

Setting Up A Mud Kitchen in Our Backyard has been really fun, and I wanted to break it in for the kids, to test out all the clay we found in our yard, the other day while the kids were digging for ‘gold’ in the garden. Instead of gold, they hit clay, ad large deposit of it, and we got pretty excited about it. After purifying all the clay we found, I set up the table for a #invitationtocreate and wanted to test out how this natural clay in our yard really was!

Tea Time Clay Treats Art Project

Supplies Needed:

Buy This Tea Set Today:


Method for Making your own Tea Time Clay Treats with your Kids:

Prepare your clay by warming it up, and kneading it until its soft and pliable.

Roll it out flat, I used the plastic bag it was stored in so it would not stick to the surface of the table.

Use your cookie cutters in the shapes of hearts, and stars, and little men.

Use your stick for writing letters on your cookies, or hearts, etc.

Roll a ball of clay, and shape into a piped meringue treat. I used the edging of a small rounded rock, starting at the top, and twisting down and around.

When you’re done creating your tea time clay treats, use your tea set to set them on, and have a pretend tea party in the yard!

We were so happy to have found our own clay, right in our own yard! read about how we set up our mud kitchen here.

Thank you for reading today! I cannot wait to share more of our mud kitchen creations with you in the future.

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Take care and have fun with scissors and glue, and tea time clay treats too!


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