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Dandelion Jelly Recipe

Our dandelions have been thriving, and I have embraced the so-called ‘weed’, that so eagerly wants to grow in my back yard. What about you? Have you been curious to try to make Jelly out of the yellow petals scattered across your yard? I gave it a try! Check out this recipe, and how we… Continue reading Dandelion Jelly Recipe

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Animal Collage Art Project

I found this really fun looking art project online, and I thought it could be something my three kids would enjoy doing. Drawing scribbles with crayons + listening to music, then add painting with watercolour to see the resist art!We will continue to finish this project over the next few weeks, well honestly I cannot… Continue reading Animal Collage Art Project

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Decorating our Buckets after Reading How Full is Your Bucket? for Kids by Rath

Planning our December's Activities was really fun, and you can find our December's Learning Plan Calendar here in this post or you can click the picture of the Calendar below for the FREE DOWNLOAD.  The first on the list for me was to help drive home the concept of being kind towards each other and doing… Continue reading Decorating our Buckets after Reading How Full is Your Bucket? for Kids by Rath

Fluffy Slime Homeschool Experiem
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Homeschool Science Experiments: Fluffy Slime

We searched and tested out recipes for fluffy slime and found this to be our favorite one! What did we like about it? It was easy to make in small batches. It actually worked and was stretchy, fluffy and awesome! Check out our Favorite YouTube video for making fluffy slime! Gillian is so fun to… Continue reading Homeschool Science Experiments: Fluffy Slime