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Sugar Scrub with Lavender -A Mother’s Day Gift Activity for Kids

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There’s nothing like a sugar scrub to brighten up your day, and today I have a simple recipe for it, that your kids can make easily for Mother’s Day!

A perfect gift for mom’s

Spring has sprung, and we have been in the garden a lot during the end of April, beginning of May… and what do I like most around this time? A good sugar scrub! Encourage your kiddos to mix up this lovely sugar scrub with lavender for you this Mother’s Day! It’s one of my favorite recipes that I turn to regularly to keep my hands feeling soft and moisturized, especially after a day in the garden!

Sugar Scrub with Lavender Recipe

Ingredients Needed:

Watch our YT Video on how to mix this up in minutes:


The Method for making a sugar scrub with your kids:

  1. Add your sugar to a small bowl.
  2. Pour in your coconut oil.
  3. Then a few drops of lavender essential oil. This is optional and isn’t necessary if you don’t have any, but smells lovely. If you’d like to use a different oil, such as mint or citrus blend, give that a try as well.
  4. Mix together with a spoon, to combine all the oil with the sugar.
  5. Then you are done, and ready to place into your jar.

Feel free to decorate as you wish, you could add ribbon, stickers, or even draw on the jar with sharpie markers. Finish with a little Mother’s Day Card, like the one we made just this week, “moms are like buttons”.

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Have fun with scissors and glue,



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    1. That’s wonderful! ❤️ Thank you!! Have a beautiful weekend making sugar scrubs for Mother’s Day ?

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