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Snap Circuits Jr. Game: Just Add a 10 Minute Timer!

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We have come up with a fun and simple game with The Snap Ciruits Jr. Electronics Exploration Kit plus a 10-minute timer that our kids loved to play!

Snap Ciruits Jr. is a really fun way to introduce circuits to your kids

Our kids love technology and the Snap Ciruits Jr. Electronics Exploration Kit has become one popular toy in our house and Miss8 came up with a fun game to add more excitement while learning how to build a circuit board.

Snap Circuits Jr. Game

Supplies Needed:

How to Play Snap Circuits Jr. Game:

Step 1: Look at the project you are you working on and learn how to create the circuit properly, within the 10 minutes, stop the timer when you are done.

Step 2: Take the guide book away and practice rebuilding the circuit as fast as you can in the remaining amount of time you have left on the clock.

Step 3: Continue to do this with each project in the book, which all get progressively more difficult.

It’s fun, a bit intense and we work together at the start. Soon she was building it off by heart after a few rounds.

Grab these and play:

Thanks for reading today!

Do your kids like to learn how to build circuit boards?

Have fun with Scissors and glue, and circuits too!



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