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How We Use Slime with Spelling in Our Homeschool

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Adding in the element of play with slime in our homeschool while learning the ABC’s and Spelling has been a hit with my kids this year!

Adding a bit of fun with Slime in Our Homeschool

We have started to use slime as a fun way to bring play into our learning time and we love the ABC Cookies Play Set because it has a variety of cards, and games built right in! The slime becomes the landing pad for all the letters to stick to and allows the letters to stand out more. Mr5 + Mr7 love learning time when the slime is involved because it feels like playtime.

Playing on their interests

We use slime mostly because it is a huge interest that our kids have right now. Their desire to constantly mix up slime, and experiment with new recipes and ingredients has been a fun journey for them and for me! Miss7 really knows her stuff and has been the leader with our slime creations by far, which has rubbed off on us all. Even Mr5 has begun to learn how to make slime, back when he was only 4. When your child has an interest in something, why not try to bring it into their learning time?

Make it a game

Games are popular with my kids, and so we try to make things a game. Honestly, I let them come up with their own games with things because I am not great at games… but I always use their input because they know what they like. Add in dice, a timer, music, you name it, when your kids can find some way to make it a game, you will all have more fun!

Provide options

Some kids like a choice, even in the smallest ways. Where my youngest will be alright with working with a deck of cards one by one, Mr7 likes choices. I flip 2 cards from the deck at once and ask which one he would like to spell first. Even in this smallest allowance of choice, the learning continues and he is happier than when he is feeling like he does not have a choice, or has no connection to. We have since begun to fan the cards out, and they close their eyes and pick which card they will spell next. This adds variety and empowers them to keep trying.

Go with the flow

Since we do not follow many set curriculums when it comes to math, or language arts this year while unschooling, I have learned to go with the flow. Play on what comes, for example, Mr5 was learning the ‘b’ sound, and he knew it was like in the word ‘book’ and so, instead of moving on to the next letter card, I went with the flow of his thoughts and spelled out the word ‘book’. We worked on that word, and all of it’s sounds until he was happy with that word, and then moved on.

What to make this same type of green slime? You can find the recipe on the blog next week! Thanks for reading today! For more ways to use these ABC Cookies, follow us on Instagram @alexandra.derry where we will be sharing more books and activities with them.

How do you use slime in your homeschool?

Till next time, have fun with scissors and glue, and slime too!



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