Tricky Words Flash Cards ~ Code Mapped, Lowercase & Pre-cursive Font

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These Flash Cards of Tricky Words are a great addition to any phonics program. I have code mapped them for your students for a great start at reading. This was the only concept that really worked for my daughter, it’s simple and straightforward and helps kids decode and encode the English Language for success in reading and writing.

What is Code Mapping?

This is a new concept for me, and It was so hard for me to find anything like this in North America, let alone in a printable! After searching and searching for something that would work and help my kids who were struggling with learning how to read, and with no phonics program working,  I found this concept and it was a HUGE Light bulb moment for sure.  It is a simple and great approach to learning to how to read. Sounding out the word, and visually seeing the different sound digraphs, or pictures/pics. I have combined the Jolly Phonics Sets of Tricky Words, or High-Frequency Words with the code mapping in gray, black and blue.

Example here:

cat – here you can see the simple coding sound of one sound per one sound-pic.

trick – next you can see the ck sound-pic of two letters, that say one sound, which is the more complicated phonic coding

Check out this post to see how we use them in action!

If you want to learn more about code mapping, and learning about sound-pics, or digraphs check out this very enlightening book:

You can also learn more about this code mapping approach from a teacher in Austrailia, you can find her on youtube, where she has some fun educational videos where she explains this approach to reading and code mapping the English language. This curriculum from Wiring Brains is not easily available in Canada, or the USA, so I am creating more of these printables for easy access here in Canada. Check out her videos for

You can also check out my other post here about JollyPhonics, why we switched Phonics programs, and how we have been using it up till now in our homeschool. This post also contains a ton of resource links there for you to enjoy.

Why Pre-Cursive font?

The Jolly Phonics Program encourages precursive writing, to aid in cursive handwriting in the future. Being able to read and write those letters are very important, and these flashcards help for that. We use them along with other fonts as well, the manuscript too. It is not the most common, but there is value in being able to tell the difference and have a head start for learning cursive later on, or right away if that is your plan for your child.

Can You get them in other fonts?

I am still in the creation stage of more flashcards!Stay tuned for more really great learning resources coming soon@


Set 1


Set 2


Set 3


Set 4



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