Student Weekly School Subject List & Sticker Rewards Chart

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Homeschooling can come with many blessings and challenges, and after two years of homeschooling 3 kiddos, the challenges started out numbering the blessings, and I was finding that keeping up with the house work, chores, meal planning, and clean up was taking over our whole day. When we got around to sitting down for school work, I was flustered, tired and overwhelemed. I did not have a clear set plan, that was simple and straight forward, and it was really harming our homeschool.  Does this sound firmillar to you?

We really needed some help focusing us all, myself included, to the school goals of the day, using something that was simple. Then I realized it was a list of daily goals was all we needed! We started with 3 goals for each day. Now, we have been using our Check lists and Reward Charts for months now and they have been a huge help! My kids behavoir is improving, they are feeling more satisfied with their own progress and accomplishments, and they are really liking this routine.

These Check Lists are editable, so you can create your goals for your child’s school week, laminate them and place them close at hand. We tape them on our school table and we take a look each day what is on the list. The kids and I both know what is suppose to happen that day and it really keeps me organized.  We use the sticker charts to help count and to motivate the children to do good work and interact in a freindly manner. This also has improved their interactions with eachother while we are together at the table. They really enjoy using it, and so do I!

Close Up & in Action! they love getting the stickers and seeing the check marks 🙂


This file includes 3 goals a day chart, 4 goals a day chart, and 5 goals a day chart. Plus Sticker Rewards Charts that also work on counting and number sense practice! 1-20 & 1-30.

What is included in this printable?

~Multiple Sizes of the Subject Check Lists

~Multiple Sizes of Reward Charts, counting from 1-20 or 1-30


  1. Create your weekly subject goals for each student by editing each chart subject box, using the Preview program.
  2. Print on white or colored paper.
  3. Cut out and laminate for durability.
  4. Tape on students table area with clear tape.
  5. Use a chalkboard pen or dry erase marker to make checks when the subject is done. (Dry erase markers can be easily wiped off, however, I like to keep the checks from coming off until the end of the week)
  6. Print out the sticker charts, cut to size, and place the sticker rewards charts on table area and give out stickers for completion of that subject. (We give out 2-3 stickers and count up to 20. When they hit 20 stickers, they can pick two things out of the treasure chest, 1 toy & 1 treat.)I also use transparent tape.
And there they are, looking very nice, you can customize this printble in PREVIEW

What Our School Table Looks Like

Homeschool Table
Here is a detailed view of our school table, with our subject lists and sticker charts

You can read more about our homecshool space here in this post.

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