Our Made with Love Homeschool Organizer

Happy Birthday Free Gift Our Made with Love Homeschool Organizer


Our Made with Love Homeschooling Organizer is easy to print and use. We use this every day in our Homeschool, and I made it simple yet effective, allowing you to save on ink and color. This organizer focuses on record keeping in a fun and simple way 🙂 You choose which logs you want to use! Take a peek inside:



Included in your Printable:

  • Attendance Record Sheet
  • Monthly Dividing Pages for your Records Each Month, with room for students names and school year
  • Vertical Calendar, 2017-2018, September to August
  • Daily Activity Log
  • Weekly Over-View
  • Monthly Reading Log
  • End of the Month Evaluation & Goals
  • Physical Activites Log
  • Educational Shows Log
  • Science Experiments Log
  • Feild Trip Logs
  • Details About Our Feild Trip Log
  • Meal Plan List
  • Shopping List
  • Further Reading List
  • End of the Year Evaluation & Goals* (This one was the section my Homeschool Laison loved the most!)
  • BONUS SECTION Included is our 12-month plan of Reading Lists with multiple themes! Simple and fun, this huge collection of books will aid your reading for the year! Perfect for children up to grades 3, and nice for bedtimes, circle times, and anytime you can fit it in. The list has links to the products, for you to easily shop or take a peek, and I recommend that you make requests from the library for your desired books ahead of time to make things even easier!
  • BONUS SECTION is the Phonics Assessments, which I have included for your use if you desire to. It consists of ABC’s and 1-40 in numbers and number words, as well as the Jolly Phonics sets of Letter Sounds and Words that correspond to them, up to set 2, (s,a,t,p,i,n, c,k,h,n,m,e,r)




How do I compile this printable?

It’s so easy, just download and print! You will start with the Attendance Sheet, Monthly Records, Calendars and Reading Lists from September to August.  After that, you will find the Logs & Lists which you will want to print multiples of. I store them all in a seperate smaller binder, in page protectors to keep each section of logs together for use later on. I like to print this on white paper that has 3 holes in them already to save time on hold punching each one.  You can also use divider tabs for each month between each students records. At the End of this printable you will find the End of the Month Evaluation & Goals as well as the End of the Year Evaluation & Goals. I have also included a Phonics Assesment for the younger grades.


I am currently working on a video for you all that will show you how to put this awesome organizer altogether!


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