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Hello Instagram Friends!

I wanted to share with you all my favourite Authors, who we have done book reviews for, including a few who’s reviews, are coming soon! These books are dear to our hearts, we absolutely love them, and know you will too.

Below are the direct links to their online shops, for you to easily grab your own copies of their books, for you and your children to enjoy!


Julia Inserro

Nonni’s Moon

Kelly Grettler

A Monster’s Bad Rap, What’s a Season? Series; FALL, WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, Sweet Tea by the Live Oak Tree, Underneath the Mimosa Tree, and Not Nap Time.

Bobbie Hinman

The Knot Fairy, The Sock Fairy, The Belly Button Fairy, The Fart Fairy, The Freckle Fairy

Jazmiera Smothers

Surviving Mamahood One Year at a TimePlaying With the Cards that You’ve Been Dealt

JoAnn Sky

Santa Dog

Wendy Dunham

Autumn is for Apple Pie, Winter Snow Fun, A Windy Spring DaySunflower Summer







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