Roll-A-Monster Free Printable
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Roll-A-Monster Drawing Game Free Printable

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Roll-A-Monster Free Printable



Let’s play a Drawing Game!

With Monsters being one of my children’s favorite learning themes, I wanted to create a fun and simple printable activity Roll-A-Monster Drawing Game that would appeal to the artistic game loving child who enjoys creating new characters, but who also loves the entertainment of a game!

Pull out the pencils, watercolor paints and colored pencils and have some fun drawing your monsters. You can do this one on one or as a family. Have a homeschool group that meets regularly? This could be a fun activity for that as well.

Printing Directions:

I suggest you print off the sheets 2 per page and cut them down the middle. You can laminate them if you wish, or glue them to different colored construction paper, as I have done below, or back to back with the instructions.

Multiple ways to print game sheets


What you will need:

Paper or sketch pad, die, pencils and an eraser if needed. You can also have watercolor paints or your child’s preferred art medium, like soft or oil pastels.

How To Play:

Simply roll the die, and choose from the list right of the rolled number, one part of your monster to draw. Repeat until done! It is a fun and simple way to get your child thinking and drawing! If they want to start with a head and body no matter what they roll, no worries! Have fun with it, and let their imaginations roll!



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