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Rock Dig with Scavenger Scout Rock Hound + Discovery Kids

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Rock dig kits are the best, aren’t they? My kids love them! This week, we have paired Scavenger Scout Rock Hound by Shelby Wilde and Yana Popova with a fun Rock + Gem Stone Dig Kit by Discovery kids, let me share with you how it went!




Supplies Needed:

My kids were so eager to open this package up. Setting the brick on a tray really helped contain some of the mess, and they began their search for gemstones of their very own!

They got right in there with the goggles, brushes, hammer, and chisel. My oldest daughter enjoyed helping teach her younger brother how to do everything, and it was a joy to see them working together so nicely.

I began reading to them Scavenger Scout Rock Hound while they explored their own digging adventure, and it really brought the stories to life.


This kit has some great tools, and in the back of the Scavenger Scout book they talk about all the tools needed for real rock hounding, so it was fun for the kids to find some of those tools in their hands.

We have tried other rock dig kits before, but this one from Discovery Kids has been our favorite, with good tools, that really work, and 11 nice stones and gems for the kids to keep.

My daughter was thrilled with all the pretty finds she made! She used little dixie cups filled with water to clean them off and store them in.

This activity was a really fun and simple learning adventure brought to life, and reading this book was a joy. My kids enjoy looking at the beautiful illustrations by Yana Popova and imagining such wild adventures, written by Shelby Wilde.

If you are looking for a great book to bring the search for gemstones to life with your kids, Scavenger Scout Rock Hound is a winner! Shelby Wilde has some wonderful learning resources on her blog where you can find coloring pages, and much more! If you give this a try with your kids, please comment below, or share your creations on Instagram and tag us @alexandra.derry!

Grab your own copy of Scavenger Scout: Rock Hound by Shelby Wilde and Yana Popova Today!


Til next time,

Breathe deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue and gemstone digs too!




Sharing is caring!

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