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DIY Scribble Lacing Cards with Recycled Milk Jugs for Kids

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We love to create Scribble Sticker Art while reading “I’m Not Just A Scribble by Diane Alber, and we have been creating cute Recycled Milk Jug Scribble Art your kids will love to create next!

We have been collecting recycled material to use for arts and crafts, and I recently wrote about how to manage these items in your home. Since then, I have come up with a fun craft using your milk jugs!

Recycle Your Milk Jugs

To start, grab a few of the milk jugs that are sitting in your recycling bin, and wash and dry them.

Next, cut out the flat sides of the jug.

Store them in a ziplock bag and soon you will build up a collection as you go through your milk.

The next thing to do is to make some crafts with them, and we will be sharing more of our ideas in the future, but for starters, here is our first!

Recycled Milk-Jug Scribble Art

What you Need:

What to do:

Place a few layers of newspaper or a thick protective liner on your table, before using permanent markers, and then begin to create scribbles on the milk jug cutouts.

Add your arms, legs, and stickers for the face. We ran out of mouths, so we simply drew them in.

The Lacing Cards were a hit!

You can take your hole punch and add a single hole to the top to hang, or add multiple holes all around to create lacing cards! This was a super fun fine motor skills activity for all ages, and my kiddos loved it. Using the three hole punch worked really great for my kids as those single punches tend to be harder to use and grip.

You can hang your cute Recycled Milk Jug Scribble Art up in the Window, on your bedroom door handles, in your room, or play with your lacing cards again and again!

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Thanks for reading today.

If you would love to win a copy of the book that inspired this craft, head over to our IG account and enter to win!

In the comments below, let me know what other cool ways you recycle your milk jugs.

Til next time,

Continue to build your masterpiece with scissors and glue and recycled art too!



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