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Bedtime has become really fun lately once we introduced the novel The Trumpet of the Swan! I had never read it before, and every page is just as exciting and new for my daughter as it is for me. It really has a wonderful story line, with subjects that interest my daughter very much.

We read Charlotte’s Web last summer, and we very much enjoyed that one, it was near and dear to my daughter’s heart. Soon after I read it to her, I searched other books similar to it and found a few. This was one of them, and she likes very much to read about animals, who talk and do interesting things, and this book sure has that.

I wanted to create a fun Learning Resource Post for you today if you and your kids pick up this book anytime soon.

YouTube Videos about Swans, Eggs & Nests

Free Printables for you to Download:

Unit Study about The Trumpet of the Swan:


Links for Free Coloring Pages, Book Report Pages for any book:

History about the Main Settings in the Story:


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