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Rainbow Seed Paper Craft for Kids & The Tiny Seed Read-Aloud

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Make Rainbow Seed Paper at home with your kids, while learning about springtime, seeds and planting a garden and read-aloud of The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle!

Rainbow Seed Paper

We have been loving Rainbows lately, and since painting 100 Rainbow Rocks for counting and reading our favorite rainbow themed books, and after picking our 10 Favorite Activities for Earth Day, we were drawn to the idea of making seed paper! Mr.7 wanted to make the paper a rainbow of colors, and I jumped on board.

Watch our YouTube Video Tutorial of Rainbow Seed Paper:

Find our Read Aloud YT Vidoe of The Tiny Seed at the end of this post!

Rainbow Seed Paper

Rainbow Seed Paper Craft for Kids

Supplies Needed:

  • Colorful Construction Paper: 2 pages of each color
  • Flower Seeds we used: Lavender, Wildflowers, Shasta Daisy, Jumbo Zinnia, Columbine, Nemophila, and Milkweed.
  • Water
  • blender/food processor
  • bowls
  • towels
  • fleece blanket
  • optional: a strainer

Buy the book that inspired this Activity:


Rainbow Seed Paper

How to Make Rainbow Seed Paper with your kids:

Start by tearing or cutting up your construction paper up into small bits, and place them into small piles.

We got Jumbo Zinnia’s, blue star Columbines and Cupid’s darts, along with a few others and I heard that butterflies like Zinnia’s so we were happy we found those.

Once you have all your paper torn or cut up into bits, your ready to soak your paper. I used boiling water, as I was hoping this would help soften the paper to the maximum.

Rainbow Seed Paper

The hot water really did work, and the paper wilted quickly and it was pretty cool to see.

Rainbow Seed Paper

We let them soak overnight and got to work in the morning. We set up towels and a fleece blanket on the table and grabbed a circle cookie cutter, then I put our seeds into the bowls. Putting the same seeds into one color of paper helps if you’d like to remember which seeds were where.

Rainbow Seed Paper

I also found that squeezing your paper a bit before you place it down help, but depending on how many you do, the blanket gets wet fast. Also, we used very bright neon cardstock for some colors, and the color really does bleed and can stain.  I took out the strainer for some, and that worked well, however, I felt that the ones created on the blanket looked nicer. Also note, the thicker your paper, the longer it takes to dry.

Watch our Read-Aloud of The Tiny Seed Here:

Making Rainbow Seed Paper was really fun!

The kids and I enjoyed this so much, and reading The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle really inspired the kids to plant these seeds in our garden! That is the next step. I will update this post once we plant, and grow our seeds.

Thank you for reading today!

Have you made your own seed paper before?

Til next time, have fun with scissors and glue, and rainbow seed paper too! And if you are looking for more Gardenschooling Resources, visit our shop to see our latest releases. 



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