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Sneak Peek at Our October’s Reading Lists For Circle Time

  Our October’s Reading lists for our Circle Time has been planned out, thanks to my handy dandy Reading Lists for the Year, which you can get when you subscribe. I wanted to share with you some of the books we have on the list for this month!   Now for a Sneak Peek into …

Where does milk come from?
Learning Resources Reading Lists

Where Does Milk Come From? Learning Resources for Your Homeschool

Our Next NEW learning theme corresponds with the last Mini-Series Post about Learning Resources, All About Wheat. Today I will be sharing our Learning Resouces for your Homeschool to help answer the question “Where does milk come from?” Keep reading to find some really fun Youtube Videos, websites with more information, Free Unit Studies about Cows and nice …

All About Wheat
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All About Wheat ~A Homeschool Learning Resource

Would you like to Learn All About Wheat this Autumn in your Homeschool? Last year we covered All About Apples and Pumpkins for harvest time in the month of September,  and the kids liked that. For this harvest month, we have been covering the topic of Wheat and Saskatchewan Farming, which also touches on Social Studies. …

JAM Online Courses

Drawing Bootcamp Online Course from JAM

We are planning on beginning an exciting new course, Drawing Bootcamp with JAM, a website that offers Educational Courses for Kids! Have you heard of JAM? Their online courses are for kids ages 8+. The course subjects they offer range from  Drawing, Machine Inventions,  Building with Lego, Cooking, Minecraft, Drawing Animation, and Music. Best of all, they are …

Free Printable My Jobs to do Today
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Jobs To Do Today – Routine Check List for Kids

Our New FREE Printable is ready for you! Jobs To Do Today Routine Check List for Kids has been a huge hit in our house. The kids enjoy writing their names at the top of the list and checking off their “jobs” when they are done. Using the word Job has actually made them more …

Tricky Words Flash Cards in Minecraft
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How we Homeschool Using Minecraft + Tricky Words Flash Cards

Are you looking for a fun way to do spelling practice? Want to incorporate some fun tech into your lessons? I wanted to share with you how we use our Tricky Words Flash Cards that I created! Up until now, they have stayed in a little basket, and pulled out when we do a lesson, …

Snack Time Storage Solution
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Snack-Time Storage Solution to Promote Independence & Life Skills

  Do you hear that? The sounds of whining and moaning in the distance? No? Oh, I guess it’s just my kids that are constantly crying out with hunger throughout the day! I was in search of a solution, and I think we have found it! Read on to see what it is… Are you …

Fluffy Slime Homeschool Experiem
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Homeschool Science Experiments: Fluffy Slime

We searched and tested out recipes for fluffy slime and found this to be our favorite one! What did we like about it? It was easy to make in small batches. It actually worked and was stretchy, fluffy and awesome! Check out our Favorite YouTube video for making fluffy slime! Gillian is so fun to …