Snack Time Storage Solution
Homeschool Organization Life Skills Simple Meal Plans

Snack-Time Storage Solution to Promote Independence & Life Skills

  Do you hear that? The sounds of whining and moaning in the distance? No? Oh, I guess it’s just my kids that are constantly crying out with hunger throughout the day! I was in search of a solution, and I think we have found it! Read on to see what it is… Are you …

Fluffy Slime Homeschool Experiem
Crafts + Art Projects Homeschool Science Experiments Slime

Homeschool Science Experiments: Fluffy Slime

We searched and tested out recipes for fluffy slime and found this to be our favorite one! What did we like about it? It was easy to make in small batches. It actually worked and was stretchy, fluffy and awesome! Check out our Favorite YouTube video for making fluffy slime! Gillian is so fun to …

Our Homeschooling Space

Homeschool Organization with Our Student’s Weekly Subject Check List + Reward Charts Printable

Organization + Motivation = Happy Homeschool Days Homeschooling your children comes with many blessings and challenges and after two years of homeschooling 3 kiddos, the challenges seemed to outnumber the blessings and I was finding that keeping up with the housework, chores, meals, and cleaning up after everything was taking over our whole day. When …

Reading Lists for the Year Free Printable
Preschool Activities

Sneak Peak at our September’s Reading Lists for Circle Time

Our September’s Reading lists for our Circle Time has been planned out, thanks to my handy dandy Reading Lists for the Year, which you can get when you subscribe. I wanted to share with you some of the books we have on the list for this month, as I am combining a lot from Augusts’ list …

Novel Study

Reading the Classics : The Trumpet of the Swan at Bedtime with my 2nd Grader

  Bedtime has become really fun lately once we introduced the novel The Trumpet of the Swan! I had never read it before, and every page is just as exciting and new for my daughter as it is for me. It really has a wonderful story line, with subjects that interest my daughter very much. …

All About Our Homeschool Space
Our Homeschooling Space

All About Our New Homeschool Space ~ *Plus my Top 15 Classroom Product Picks

THEN… Last year we had our school space upstairs and built some great routines, but it became very overwhelming for me to be constantly living in a school room. On the days we did not manage to do school, it was always in my view and on my mind. It took some time for me …

Our Homeschooling Space Printables For Organization The Curriculum Zone

Our Made with Love Homeschool Organizer

  Get your Limited Time Download Gift of Our Made with Love Homeschool Organizer HERE! Our Made with Love Homeschooling Organizer is easy to print and use. I use this every day in our Homeschool, and I made it simple yet effective, allowing you to save on ink, and color. This organizer allows you to collect …

Crafts + Art Projects Science

A Taste of Science ~ A Fun Educational Exhibit on Now at the WDM

I wanted to do a quick post about this neat exhibit that the WDM has to offer right now before school starts up full swing. A Taste of Science. In this exhibit, you will learn the role that science plays in keeping food nutritious and safe for us to eat. You will find yourself in …