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Life Skills In the Kitchen: How to Make These 4 Kitchen Staples!

We use these 4 Kitchen Staples regularly with treats and baking and are a must-have in your pantry, but wouldn’t it be fun to know how to make them yourself? Here are some great YouTube Videos to watch with your kids to learn how to make them yourself! This is on our plan for helping …

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Decorating our Buckets after Reading How Full is Your Bucket? for Kids by Rath

Planning our December’s Activities was really fun, and you can find our December’s Learning Plan Calendar here in this post or you can click the picture of the Calendar below for the FREE DOWNLOAD.  The first on the list for me was to help drive home the concept of being kind towards each other and doing …

10 Energy Saving Tips while Homeschooling During the Holidays
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10 Energy-Saving Tips while Homeschooling During the Holidays

This time of year can get a bit overwhelming and hard to slow down the excitement of Christmas! We can become burdened from the stress of trying to fit in the school work, the baking, shopping and all the fun crafts we want to try and do. Then there are the simple tasks of daily …

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December’s Homeschool Learning Calendar – Free Printable

December is soon approaching, and I have been working very hard to create a fun and easy to use Calendar that you can place easily in your Homeschool Organizer. It includes Reading Lists, Art Projects, and Activities! I have something planned for every day leading up to Christmas Eve, Starting December 1st, with Sundays off. You …

Ten Frame Pumpkin & Cat Counting Activity Free Printable
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Ten Frame Pumpkin & Cat Counting Activity Free Printable

      Halloween Math Printable with Pumpkins & Cats! Looking for a fun Halloween themed Math Activity for your homeschoolers today? Download and print off these puppies and let your kids enjoy the fun of pumpkins and cats! they can count, they can add or subtract. Use the Cards to pick the number of …

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5 Energy Saving Tips for Homeschoolers + Free Mindful Journal Pages!

Looking for some mindfulness in your homeschool? Our 5 energy saving tips can help you through your homeschooling journey, plus grab our FREE journal pages! The thought of having more energy is a common thing, isn’t it? Harnessing the energy to push on or to change the pace in your Homeschool day requires energy. Energy …

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Roll-A-Monster Drawing Game – Free Printable

Let’s play a Roll-A-Monster Drawing Game! We had a great month of learning all about monsters, and since then, I wanted to create a fun and simple printable activity that combines a bit of math and art. With our Roll-A-Monster Drawing Game, you can hit two birds with one stone.   Pull out the art supplies + …

All About Monsters Learning Resources
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All About Monsters ~ 30+ Learning Resources!

30 Learning Resources All About Monsters My kids love Monsters, and doing fun activities around this topic is really fun, for all grades! Here are My Top 30+ Favorite Learning Resources for teaching All About Monsters in your Homeschool, from Learning Packs & Printables, Book Lists, Creative & Descriptive Writing, Arts Projects, and Crafts Ideas, …