Pad Thai Noodles with Chicken & Shrimp with Veggies Recipe

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Today I am going to share with you a really simple, easy and oh so yummy recipe ~ Pad Thai!

We have been trying a lot of new meals this month and planning out our dinner. I have a few plans for breakfast and lunch. But I have yet to really plan out every meal for 2 weeks in advance. I have a broad idea of what the kids like, and I could cook but it’s not written down, yet. šŸ˜‰ We are simply planning the dinners for the next two weeks at a time, with Saturday or Sunday as our cooking prep days. We like to cook enough to leave leftovers for my husband’sĀ lunch for work.

Now, all of these ingredients you can find at Superstore. We use the online shopping with ‘Click and Collect’ and it really has revolutionized the way we do our grocery shopping. It helps while we do our meal planning at the end of a two-week cycle, and we order the items we know we need, and my husband goes and picks them up for us after work on the way home. (He also does this for our library book requests that come in, you canĀ read about that here.)But, back to the recipe! This can be made in advance, with pre-bagged chicken, and frozen so it becomes a freezer meal!

Here are the pictures of some of the items you need on hand for this meal:













Pad Thai Noodles with Chicken & Shrimp and Veggies (that I had on hand)

5 Chicken Thighs (boneless & skinless) ~ Slice, then cubed and seasoned with salt and pepper. (Once this step is done, you can freeze the chicken, and you can plan to use it next Friday for dinner or whenever. This is an easy way to prepare your Chicken Thighs when you get that large tray of 20 chicken thighs home from the store. * See this Post all about that.*

2 cups of sliced mushrooms, any kind.

1 zucchini, cut into quarters and then diced

*These Veggies can also, then be placed in a freezer bag, and set aside for next Friday’s dinner, if you are meal prepping for a future date, perhaps a homeschooling field trip day*

1 Jar of Pad Thai Sauce, Presidents Choice

2 TBSP of Chicken Boullion, BOVRIL brand

1 Bag of Cooked PEELED Pacific White Shrimp, Presidents Choice

1 Bag of UDON Noodles, Presidents Choice 4 x 200g, Use all 4 pouches

Chopped Fresh Cilantro

Chopped Peanuts

Olive Oil



Heat a large pot or skillet on high heat, Drizzle Olive Oil to coat the bottomCut the chicken and season with salt and pepper. (If using it frozen, take out the night before, thaw in the fridge)






Add Chicken to the pan, and cook until done.










Slice up the mushrooms and zucchini


Pad Thai Noodles - shrimp in bowl











Place Shrimp in a bowl of warm water, to allow the shrimp to thaw



Pad Thai Noodles - Boil Water Pad Thai Noodles - add noodles to water Pad Thai Noodles - close up of noodles








In a second pot, boil water for your UDON Noodles, and when boiling, place all 4 pouches in and allow to cook until they are soft and all floating nicely in the pot




Pad Thai Noodles - Cook Chicken










In a second pot, boil water for your UDON Noodles, and when boiling, place all 4 pouches in and allow to cook until they are soft and all floating nicely in the pot




Pad Thai Noodles - Vegetables into pot












Add in the veggies, stir and soften, about 5-10 minutes




Pad Thai Noodles - Adding sauce













When veggies are soft, add in the whole Jar of Pad Thai




Pad Thai Noodles - Cover sauce pot












Place a cover on top of the pot and allow to cook and bubble, about 5 minutes on medium heat



Pad Thai Noodles - Strain Noodles Pad Thai Noodles - Strain Noodles Pad Thai Noodles - Noodles in pot








Check Udon Noodles; Strain and rinse, then place back into the pot and add a bit of butter, stir and cover




Pad Thai Noodles - Shrimp in bowl












Peel off all the shrimp tails



Pad Thai Noodles - Adding Shrimp











When Chicken is bubbling after being covered, add in your shrimp and stir



Pad Thai Noodles - Cilantro being chopped Pad Thai Noodles - Cilantro chopped









Chop up the CilantroĀ and the peanuts



Pad Thai Noodles - Noodles and sauce in pots










Oh my oh my you are done! Set the table and serve:)




Pad Thai Noodles - Noodles in bowl














Optional Veggies you can add on:

Red Bell Peppers, Sliced then Diced

Red Onion, thinly Sliced

Snap peas

Bean Sprouts

Grated Carrots

*In it’s most complex, with lots of veggies or in this simple state of just mushrooms and zucchini, it works really nice as they are both a softer vegetable with relatively the same amount of cooking time. With onions, I would add them to the pan before the chicken, and with the bell peppers, add them before the mushrooms and zucchini. As always, with the cooked shrimp, add at the very end.

If you make this meal, let me know! It really hits the spot when you are craving Asian take out. These ingredientsĀ can also be kept in your pantry for a good time, and the shrimp and chicken in the freezer, it really is a good go-to meal that you can have on hand for anytime.

If you would like this recipe as a wonderful PDF, Click Here to Download your own copyĀ of my Recipe for you.

Till Next Time,


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