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Our Homeschool Records Free Printable!

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Our Homeschool Records have just been launched! Help keep your homeschool starship going at warp speed with these fabulous record keeping ‘captain’s logs‘!

Recording all of the wonderful and creative things you and your kids do while homeschooling, just got easier!

Created after being inspired to simply write down the daily happenings like a captains log, yes, I may have been watching Star Trek with my husband… but, it worked! I begin each school year with a huge plan of what we are going to learn, and yet, we always seem to fall short from that plan. Now what I do, is simply record what we do and what fun activities or books we have read, all in these simple record logs. They are great for keeping track of all our unschooling progress for each child and have been tried and tested in our homeschool! I use these logs every day and now I cannot wait to share them with you!

What’s included?

You will find eight pages of logs for the most important things for each student.

  1. Daily Activity Log
  2. Reading Log
  3. Weekly Over-View
  4. Field Trip Log
  5. Science Experiments Log
  6. Goals for Next Month
  7. End of the Month Evaluation
  8. End of the Year Evaluation
  9. *Plus* My Weekly Subject Checklist + Sticker Rewards Chart! Click here to see how we use these in our homeschool!

These logs are helpful for the un-schooler who may not follow a curriculum, and who simply desires to document what their children have done and learned. For those who do follow a set plan or curriculum these logs also work great!

How to Use:

Print off the required logs for each of your kids and start making notes about what transpired that day, week and so on! I like to hole punch them and place them in a binder. This way, I can keep going back to them daily, weekly and monthly. At the end of the year, you will have a nice collection of data that will aid you with your End of the Year Evaluations.

Products I love to Pair with Our Homeschool Records:

Perfect to use with any curriculum!

We have been loving creating the Build Your Masterpiece Class, with the Adventures in Italy now released, and the Adventures in France in the works! I enjoy using these homeschool record logs to keep track of all the fun activities, books and recipes we cook plus so much more! Come check out our new IG Account @build_your_masterpiece_class to find out how you can #readpaintcook with your kids, and see our units in action all around the world!

Download yours today for free – Click HERE!

Thanks for reading today.

I hope these Homeschool Record Logs help you stay organized on your homeschool journey. Share yours in action on Instagram, and tag @alexandra.derry!

Continue building your masterpiece with scissors and glue and records too!



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