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Orange Glitter Slime – Halloween Recipe

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We love mixing up slime around here, it seems to happen every month, like clockwork! This month we mixed up a fun Orange Glitter Slime, just in time for the fall season, with Halloween in the air and around the corner. Come and check out this recipe, and see how my 8-year-old can mix this recipe up…

Orange Glitter Slime – Halloween Recipe

Supplies Needed:

Method to make this awesome Orange Glitter Slime:

To start, in a medium size bowl, add your glue, baking soda or powder, and mix up.



Add your paint, and mix until combined.



Next step is to add your desired glitter. We just love this iridescent glitter, and we have found so many fun ways to use it. It makes any slime look awesome, as well as homemade play dough.

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My daughter added quite a large amount of iridescent glitter and so you can add as much as you would like. Mix until combined.



If you would like to add in another color of glitter, you can do that now. My daughter wanted to throw in a contrasting color of GOLD glitter and it really made it pop!



Next comes the contact solution. Slowly add this is in, but by bit, and mix in. We actually do not measure this out, we more or less just spray it on as we continue to mix the slime. Go by feel, and as the slime hardens slightly, it will still be a bit sticky, so we add a bit more baking soda to the top and continue kneading. Adding more soda instead of the solution will help your slime not BREAK, and over-process.



Soon you will have a really great slime, that your kids will all be begging for!



Give it a try this week, and comment below how it goes! Follow us on Instagram and tag @alexandra.derry to share with us your fun slime concoctions!


Till next time,
Breathe deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and glitter slime too,


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