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New Homeschool Field Trip Booking Calendar is now up and running!

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Exciting NEW Online Registration for your children’s admission to our Homeschool field trips is here!

Check out the two new current events in the calendar for our homeschool field trips, the links for them are below. You can also find the calendar on the right side of the blog, under recent posts. The events will be highlighted in orange, and clickable. Enjoy, and happy booking!

April’s Trip to CDM here for Muddy Paw’s Animal Clinic

May’s Trip to the CDM here for Colors of the Rainbow


I am currently in the planning stages of a zoo field trip and a possible western development museum field trip for us as well.

I am also working on my Subscribe button for you all to be updated by email on any future new posts, and new field trip plans. Stay tuned and keep coming back to check what’s new 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Homeschool Field Trip Booking Calendar is now up and running!”

  1. I thought the April CDM trip was another theatre one? This time for Mortimer? Did that one get cancelled?

    1. Hi Rina, It did get switched around, I had tried to send a message to you asking your thoughts, it must not have made it through to you, we just had a few others interested in a different one this time, is that ok with you guys? we can still plan to do that one again. But as I see, I didn’t have you actually down for this next one, for some reason. Anyhow, Hope you guys can make it:) And I hope this online booking helps people book easier.

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