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The Movie Ballerina has Ignited my Kids with a Desire to Play-Dance Together

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We just watched the new animated movie Ballerina, or also known as Leap! and it was really wonderful. Since we are learning about Paris, France right now in our geography, as well as taking a Ballet Class a while back, it has brought a spark of dance back into my children’s play as well as been a great way to review what we have learned about Pairs.

My oldest has been insisting on being the teacher and showing us all the things she remembers from ballet class. Perhaps we may start our school day with a group dance class, mixed with piano practice 🙂

I would encourage you to check out this fun, family-friendly movie about two young orphans who break free to make it on their own in Paris, and their adventure-filled journey to follow their dreams.

Check out the Trailer for this movie here on Youtube

Since my children’s interest was so strong after watching this movie, we found this video on youtube of the Nutcracker Ballet and in this recording The Royal Ballet performs the Waltz of the Snowflakes in The Nutcracker, with Meaghan Grace Hinkis as Clara, Ricardo Cervera as the Nutcracker and Gary Avis as Drosselmeyer, accompanied by the London Oratory Junior Choir and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, conducted by Koen Kessels, recorded in 2012.

They all watched in amazement and joy in this new found dance, all from learning about this ballet from the movie where all the ballerinas were auditioning to be in the Nutcracker Play.

Here is Alexandra & Claire’s Top Picks for your Little Ballerina:



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