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13 Books Inside Our February’s Morning Basket

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Having a Morning Basket in your homeschool is all the rage! Let me show you what we have inside ours for the month of February!

Morning Basket

Do you use a morning basket in your homeschool?

Morning baskets seem to be all the rage right now, and I understand why! It’s a simple and effective way to organize the main subjects and topics you are wanting to focus on daily with your kids. The recommendations out there are to fill your basket with books that are full of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. If you follow those guidelines, you’ll be on the right path. I recommend filling it with the books you enjoy, and what works for you!

I thought I would share with you the books that we have in our morning basket for this month of February! I also hope to continue this each month, so wish me luck on that. Let’s get started…

Morning Basket

Inside our Morning Basket!

Morning Basket

Love is… | Deirdre Pecchinoni Cummings and Erika Busse

Ever since we reviewed this book for Multicultural Children’s Book Day, Love is… has become cherished. It is about a girl who loves to share all the love she picks from a beautiful tree, representing that love is natural and free. We have been reading it during our Valentine’s week, and at bedtime sporadically. It’s a really nice book for poetry tea time as well!

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Morning Basket

The Magic of Me | Becky Cummings

The Magic of Me is a fabulous book written by Becky Cummings. She is a former school teacher and owner of a tutoring company who became inspired to help students succeed. This book helps children and parents together, rise to the greatest version of themselves! I am excited to be including this book in our homeschool basket this year as well as write a book review on it, once we have finished reading it! We focus on one chapter a week, to really let the lessons deepen in our hearts, and allow growth to occur. Becky also has a corresponding Journal for kids to use while they read this book!

Morning Basket

Open Your Eyes Little One | Erin Cress and Lucy Smith

We will also be reviewing Open Your Eyes Little One this year, and we have it in our basket currently because it is a beautiful story to encourage children to not give up on their dreams. This is the type of thing I’m hoping to teach our kids! I will be sharing more on our inspirations around this book soon. The illustrator of this lovely book also illustrated another book we reviewed and spotlighted as part of our Build Your Masterpiece Class, Nonni’s Moon, written by Julia Inserro.

Morning Basket

Good Morning Yoga | Marian Gates and Sarah Jane Hinder

This book is a fun yoga pose-by-pose ‘wake up story’, to encourage kids to stretch and breathe while starting their day with a smile! With Good Morning Yoga, you and your kids can go on an adventure with each yoga pose and we will be reviewing this book this year as well!

Morning Basket

We read one a new pose and page every morning and hope to continue to read this book more during yoga time in the afternoons. The nice thing about this story is that not only are they common and easy to do poses, but they ignite your imagination with a story and images.

Morning Basket

The Chakra Girls Spirit Cards | Sara Carly Mentlik with the Inner Rainbow Project

We recently did a book review for this, and our children really enjoy them. We each pick a card and talk about its positive thought for the day. It’s a fun activity and a nice thing to do a few times a week!

The Inner Rainbow Project’s ABC: An Alphabet Book of Confidence | Sara Carly Mentlik

After reviewing this book last week, we have continued to use it daily in our morning basket, as we move through the alphabet! Perfect for letter recognition, vocabulary work, and pretend play, this book really has all you need to help boost your child’s confidence and awareness of the letters!

365 Science Activities | Usborne Books

This book is jammed packed with awesome science projects to get you through the year! I am hoping to open this up more than we have lately and that’s why I’m including it in our basket right now. I also have some watercolor paints included in case we get artistically inclined.

What’s Up With That Cup? | Sheila Keenan and Jackie Snider

Sally, unfortunately, loses her money while playing on the swings and soon realizes that she needs a piggy bank for her money! However, because she has no more money to buy one, she will need to be creative and make one herself. But, which cup does she need to work out this recipe for making a paper machete piggy bank?

What’s Up With That Cup? is a fun and silly story and teachers your kids about measuring cups and how to follow a recipe! We have read this book many times, and my kids love it a lot. I have included this book in the kitchen morning basket in hopes of finally making this paper machete project!

Counting Book 1 to 10 | Cyndy Szekere

My 5-year-old has been reading this with me for the past year, mostly at bedtime. In fact, we usually keep it in his room by his bed to read right before he falls asleep. 

He loves to count, enjoys the illustrations and talks about each pages’ cute little details. We have moved it to our morning basket for him to count more often.

This book shows a day in the life of 10 little mice, playing, laughing, singing and finally sleeping, all together as a family of sweet little mice.

Our Australia books.

We have been having a great time learning about Australia with these books that we have been collecting for the past few years.

You can see some of our progress with this unit study on our Instagram account and I will be posting about it on the blog soon, stay tuned!

The Novels are we reading at bedtime.

I realized that a few of the novels that we have been picking up are not in this morning basket, but I wanted to share them with you:

Magic by the Lake | Edward Eager

My oldest is reading this book to me at bedtime, and because she shares a room with her younger brother, she sometimes put him to sleep with her reading. It’s one we have had in our home library for a long time, from the used book store and she picked it out herself. It’s really fun!

The Dragon Masters Book Series 1-4 A post on this coming soon!

We have been reading this really great book series with the kids, and my youngest has an interest in it and loves reading them. I will be sharing all of the fun things we are doing with these books shortly!


Thanks for reading today! What do you think of our selection of books this month? Let me know in the comments below!

Til next time,

Enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue and morning baskets too!

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