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Monster Eye Slime – A Book Inspired Recipe for Kids!

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Miss8 is back at the slime today and has created some really fun slime, she calls Monster Eye Slime! Make this simple slime with your kids today.

Monster Eye Slime

Monster Eye Slime Recipe

Method to make Monster Eye Slime with your kids

Monster Eye Slime

Add your glue, paint, baking soda, and eye solution and mix mix mix. Once you have a good consistency and color you like (we wanted purple) add in your googly eyes! The more the better! (That’s what my kids tell me)

Monster Eye Slime

Next is to mix by hand, while it’s still a bit sticky. This helps your slime be nice and stretchy and smooth.

Once it’s done, you will have a fun, and crunchy/bubbly slime that is great to play for hours.

Monster Eye Slime

To keep it fresh the longest, we have found that storing your slime in a canning jelly jar really works best!

Monster Eye Slime

Ziplock bags are ok, but every slime we have made and put into bags will only last 1 week, 2 weeks at most. The canning jars keep the slime perfect for months and months! In fact, leaving your slime in the jar overnight, will help the eyes stick into the slime better, so they won’t slip out while playing with it!

Monster Eye Slime in a jar

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Also, check out our new favorite Monster book, Under-The-Bed Fred by Linda Bailey, perfect to read while playing with your Monster Eye Slime! Read our Book review coming soon!


Grab the Supplies We Use Every Day:


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Thanks for Reading today!

Do your kids love making monster slime?

Til next time, have fun with scissors and glue, and monster eye slime too!


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