Minecraft Counting Book
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Minecraft Counting Book

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Do your students love Minecraft? Do you wish you had a fun and simple way to bring Minecraft into your classroom? With our Minecraft Counting Book, students can enjoy counting from 1 to 20, and coloring each character along the way! Plus, learn to read predictable sentences for reading level B!

My kids love Minecraft so much – so I made them a school workbook

I am so excited to share this learning resource with you today! It has been a huge hit in our homeschool, and this Minecraft Counting Book was created for my kiddos, who just love Minecraft. It has encouraged my youngest preK son (4) to learn how to count to 20, and read some basic predictable sentences, alongside his brother and sister who are also learning these things in the higher grade levels.

Students Strengthen these abilities:

  • Learn Number Words 1-20
  • Number Recognition 1-20
  • Read Predictable Sentences Reading Level B

Your students will beg to have their Minecraft Counting Book time!

Perfect for Pre-K to Grade 2, your students will happily work on their fine motor skills, and reading skills. Include these books in your Math Centers, reading time, or perfect for sending home for students to practice with parents!

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Kids in Pre-K to Grade 2 come to life with this book!

Both my sons have really loved this book, reading and reading it over and over again. We have printed out many copies of the Minecraft Counting Book for them to color over the last few months.  My son, who is 6, is learning how to read these sentences, count to 20 and what was difficult before, is now so easy to get both of my sons interested in school work with this simple, fun and engaging book.

We have had similar testimonials from other homeschool moms whose boys have blossomed from using it:

“My son LOVES the Minecraft counting book! He can read the whole book himself and as we speak he is coloring the pictures!!!! And for a kid who HATES coloring, he is doing great! Barely coloring outside the lines! He is so focused and proud of himself and I am seeing a skill that I didn’t think he had. Thank you!!! ? ~Nicole, Homeschool Mom

Photo donated by a Homeschool Mom who loves the Minecraft Counting Book.


I know your kids are sure to enjoy this book! These books are a great learning resource for any child, and I would suggest grabbing a few counters, crayons, markers and make each printed book a beautiful masterpiece! My kiddos like to add details to the sentences, such as a gold sword, and color it gold. Or diamond shovel, color it blue.

Purchase Your Minecraft Counting Book from our TpT’s Store Today!

Please share your pics on Instagram with the Hashtag #scissorsandglueminecraftcountingbook and let’s see all the beauty our kids can come up with!

Till next time,

Enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue and Minecraft too!


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