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Melted Snowmen Cookies – A Book Inspired Recipe

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Melted Snowmen Cookies are so cute and fun, your kids will go crazy for this really simple book inspired activity this winter season! Come and see how you can make this project in minutes with your kids!


Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright and Stephen Gilpin has been the longest standing winter-themed children’s book that my kids have always loved, and we come back to it every winter season, in fact, our copy of this book is hardly holding together but loved none the less. This year, we have made the cutest melted snowmen cookies, that are so simple to make you can get your kids involved for sure! Let me show you how!


Melted Snowmen Cookies Recipe

Ingredients Needed:

Method for making your own Melted Snowmen Cookies with your kids:

Warm up your Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting in the microwave for 20 seconds to warm up, and make really smooth. Place a bit of it into containers or small bowls, and place your food coloring in, and mix with a spoon. If you have icing tubes, that’s great, but if you do not, this works in a pinch.


Next, take your spoon and let your kids pour some warm frosting on top of their cookies, being sure to let the frosting drip off the sides, creating a melted puddle of ‘snow’.




Next, put your marshmallows on a plate and pop them in the microwave, for 10 seconds.



They will puff up, and rise, and become very soft, and gooey inside.



Once they have melted and changed shape a bit, take them out, and rub a bit of butter on your fingers, picking them up off the plate, and place them on top of each cookie.



This process is s bit tricky, and I would recommend spraying your plate before you pop them in the microwave to help pick up the marshmallows because ouse did like to stick to the plate.


Once you have them on your cookies, take your icing, and with your spoon, place some eyes, a carrot-shaped long nose, and a scarf on your snowman. It can be a mess, as the snowman has ‘melted’. We had mini chocolate chips, for the buttons, as they worked nicely, being small and not too much more candy, on an already very loaded sweet cookie.



I really liked how they turned out, so cute really! I can hear them saying, “Make me brand new!” already.



They really tasted so good and were a really nice treat while reading this fun story about Sneezy the Snowman, melting constantly as he wishes to be warm. Try this technique out with a variety of cookies, previously made at your local grocery store, and this is a fast and simple activity you and your kids are sure to enjoy this winter season!



I hope you have been inspired to tackle this really fun cookie recipe with your kids this winter-season, and if you do, comment below and tell me how they turned out!


Til next time,

Breath deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and melted snowmen too,

~ Alexandra


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