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Making Italian Canestrelli Cookies with my Son

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I have been dying to try out this recipe from the moment I found it while creating the Build Your Masterpiece Class! If you are looking for an easy to follow curriculum plan for you and your kids to learn more about Europe, please take a look at it and give it a try. But at first, it was difficult for me to find recipes that were kid friendly and traditionally European. I got a bit discouraged, however, I did not give up and continued to search until I found this one! Italian Canestrelli Cookies! They are fun to make with your kids, and taste so good!  My soon to be, 7-year-old son and I had a blast in the kitchen baking up this nice batch of delicious morsels. Let’s see how we did, shall we?

Making Italian Canestrelli Cookies with my Son


Making Italian Canestrelli Cookies

You can find the recipe here, it is part of our 10 week Art + Literature-based Curriculum Plan, that is all digital! There are almost 100 specially made posts just for this class, that I have created for you and your kids to watch, learn and do.


So to start, we gathered our ingredients together, and it does need you to boil your eggs. That may have been the largest trial of patience for my son, who was eager to just start mixing away, but while they were boiling, we watched the YouTube video that is included in the plan, for us to learn how to make these yummy cookies!  My kids are very visual learners, and because of this, I have included videos of the cooking process for you and your kids to easily learn how to make these traditional recipes.


Making Italian Canestrelli Cookies

He really enjoyed watching her video, and once the eggs were ready, we peeled them and got the yolks out. This is what I really liked about this recipe,  it includes egg yolks! They are filling, and not so sweet as the sugar cookies we are used to eating tend to me.



The next step is really interesting, and got my son involved! He really wanted to try this out. We needed to push the yolks through a sieve to get them really fine. It was a fun experiment for sure.



He couldn’t believe how little they became and it was so interesting to look at once they had gone through the sieve. I knew this recipe would be fun, but I did not know how fun. We then scraped the yolks into a bowl and gathered up some more ingredients.



Incorporating Math Lesson’s While Baking

I like to get my kids involved in this process as much as I can because it helps them with so many things; measuring, counting, fine motor skills, listening skills, all of that good stuff. With it being hands-on, it really brings the learning deep inside their memory.

This quote has been the inspiration behind the Build Your Masterpiece Class, and our goals for Homeschooling our children.

My son continued to measure out the sugar, and the flour. Things were coming along very nicely, and he was having such a good time! Ever since we read this fun book about measuring and math, my son (grade2 this year) really has taken to cooking that much easier. I definitely recommend this little book to anyone who wants to teach their kids about measuring, and cooking. It is a very cute book, where a little girl loses her money and needs to make a piggy bank, so she finds a recipe, and goes through quite an ordeal with the cups! Check out our Book Review + Making a Piggy Bank out of Paper Machete, coming soon!




We had all the ingredients ready to go, and so we were ready to dive into the next step, which was to use our hands and combine the butter with everything.



He loved this part and really enjoyed getting his hands in there, working the butter into the flour, sugar, and egg.



Once we had a good dough, we were ready to add it to the mixer, to really finish off the job. I wasn’t sure if it really needed this step, but in the end, it really made it silky smooth.



We were ready to wrap it up and let it chill for at least 30 minutes. At this time, we actually went back to make Homemade Pizza, because we were doing a lot of baking and cooking on this day because we really wanted to test out these Italian Recipes!



We let the dough chill overnight because we were baking so many pizzas, so we were able to have cookies the next day. This was the part I was really excited about. Because the dough was quite hard, I let it sit out for an hour or so before we rolled it out.


I was happy to finally use this little flower cookie cutter, that I actually had in my kitchen drawer, just waiting to be used! To make the small flower center, a straw works really well!


My son was happy to jump in yet again, now that it was time to roll it up, and he made some flower cookies too. We couldn’t wait for that oven to heat up already!



I enjoy looking at this beautiful little flowers, they are so small and pretty, definitely a good treat for every day, tea time, or a birthday party too!


We baked them in at exactly 335 F, for 17 minutes and they turned out so good!


Just a slight brown coloring on the edges, but hardly at all. Next was the part I was waiting for, but I wish I could have gotten to it faster, while they were still hot… The powdered sugar still set ok, but I think next time I will try to get it on a bit faster. But, just look at these! I mean, I was a giddy school girl I tell you.


These cookies were so good! They were a mix between a sugar cookie and shortbread. How glad I am for finding this recipe, and my kids enjoyed them as well…


I even caught my littlest sneaking two at a time, which honestly, I understood why. This was a winner for us, and we are loving this learning plan.

Where can you find this recipe you ask?

You can find it on my blog, and it is part of the Build Your Masterpiece Class, Week 1, but it will also be found in my NEW Recipe Book, that will be launched this Christmas! Stay tuned for this one, I am very excited about it! Here is the Cover:


Till next time, breathe deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue,


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