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Macrame and Hygge: Relax and Beautify

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Hygge is so many things. It is cocoa by candlelight, laughing with friends, creating a cozy nest, and getting rid of distractions and stressors so you can enjoy the everyday. Those last two reasons are exactly why macrame and hygge pair so beautifully together.

Hygge and Macrame

Macrame is a Great De-stressor

When you are focusing on your craft, like tying a square knot, you are engaging several parts of your brain at once. So if you are like me, this helps you to stop thinking about all the things. It helps you to focus less on your worries (or to do list) and just on tying a knot.

Macrame is great for fidgety hands and also for sensory stimulation. This stimulation of the different areas of the brain is also encouraging neurotransmissions to take place. Which is a wonderful thing because it helps with depression, reduces stress, AND slows brain decline as we get older.

The Mayo Clinic did a whole study about how crafting can help slow and maybe prevent Alzheimers. So macrame is a great craft to do at any age!

Macrame Creates Beautiful Textiles

Because Hygge is all about creating a cozy and beautiful atmosphere, it is easy to see how macrame and hygge go together. When you macrame you can create all sorts of beautiful textiles. These can be hung or displayed in your home to really bring warmth and interest.

Macrame generally uses natural fibres that are in subdued tones. These subdued tones are neutral so look great with any home decor.

Hygge and macrame home decor

While wall hangings are probably the most common, there are so many ways to bring macrame and hygge textiles into your home and life. A few of these are:

How to Get Started with Macrame and Hygge

Basic Supplies

For most projects you will just need your fiber thread, scissors, and tape. The tape is to secure the end of your project to a surface like your table so that you will not be constantly having to readjust your piece. When you move to bigger projects, it is helpful to hang your piece because you will be dealing with very long cords.

Here is a helpful shopping list for you to get started today:

Fabric Scissors

Macrame Cord

Stiffening Spray

Wire Brush

Tape Measure


Books & Kits:

First Macrame Project Idea

It is helpful to pick something simple for your first macrame and hygge project. When looking at different options, you need to consider how many different types of knots are being used. Then you need to make sure you can do those knots, or that the tutorial will teach you how to do them.

I really like this feather tutorial. It is a great place to start.

As your skills and love for macrame grow you can move on to bigger projects like plant hangers and wall hangings. I would love to see how you have incorpated macrame and hygge!

Please tag me on instagram with your projects, and if you would like to bring more HYGGE into your home or homeschool, you may really enjoy our FREE 15 Day Hygge Homeschool Challenge!

It’s a free printable with a fun checklist for you and your kids to have fun with hygge everyday, one activity at a time.

Thanks for reading today,

I hope you enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and Macrame too!




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