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Loula and the Sister Recipe Book Review + Spotlight

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Have you been to McDonald’s lately?

We recently visited McDonald’s and were so pleasantly surprised to have purchased Loula and the Sister Recipe by Anne Villeneuve, an Award-winning Author, and Illustrator who lives in Canada. My daughter loved reading this book while enjoying her Happy Meal on our drive home from running errands.

This book is so lovely, I just had to write about it! The Illustrations are so beautiful, and the storyline really made a connection with my daughter. The story is about a little girl named Loula, who is tired of her three brothers, who only seem to play boyish games, and are not interested in dress up, or playing the games she enjoys. 

She soon discusses the matter with her parents, in hopes of them giving her a sister, just like her. Their responses are humorous, and delightful, as they share with her that it is not so simple, and it is sort of like making a cake, you need all the ingredients.  This leads the sweet and creative Loula down the path of searching for all the ingredients she needs for making a sister.

With her devoted chauffeur, Gilbert at her side, the story takes the young reader on a fun and exciting journey as they collect chocolates, butterflies and more unique requirements for making a sister.

The end result is truly a delight, as Loula finds an unlikely sister, and we have read this book many times, over the last few days. It is perfect for reading in the car, at the school table, or bedtime!

Not only is this book easy to read for early readers, with simple sentence structure, beautiful descriptive illustrations, and a lovely life lesson common for young children who find themselves without a sister, but it also has fun activities related to the story at the end of the book. Your child will find a maze, word search, drawing prompt and more!

If you find yourself on the road and have a hungry child asking for McDonald’s, be sure to ask for the Loula books with their happy meal! You can also find her books on Amazon!

Coming Soon: Author + Illustrator Spotlight: Anne Villeneuve

I will be sitting down soon with award-winning Author/Illustrator Anne Villeneuve, to ask her about life, and what inspires her with writing and illustrating, you won’t want to miss it!

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Breathe deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue and McDonald’s Happy Meal books too!




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