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Logan’s Mathlink Cube Design Collection

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I wanted to share and document Logan’s stories & builds that he has been making with his MathLink cubes during the month of June 2018. Most of them have been weapons for the game Minecraft.

We are embracing the Brave Writer Lifestyle and as he is in the jot it down stage I began paying more close attention to what he was building and what he has to say about them. To my surprise he had more to say then we all thought, and I am hooked on this jot it down stage!

Logan’s Collection of MathLink Builds:

Lemon 🍋 shooter that was shaped like an F, it shoots out lemons at the bad guy but doesn’t kill them just knocks them out.

The teleporter Gun: a gun that has ender pearls inside it, which make the gun teleport you. And your guy can teleport all over the place.

The white sword: a white sword that makes snow! ❄️ it shoots out snow at the bad guys.

The Weight. It makes your muscles 💪 get even stronger. It makes stone inside and it places the stone where you want it. It can throw the stones out as well and hit the bad guys.

The Mini Weights. Allows you to have one in each 🤚 hand. You place them down, and they become bombs that will only explode when you are a safe distance away. They will only explode an enemy that comes near them.

A torch sword: a sword that places down torches on the ground anytime you need one.

Here is what the torches look like once they come off/out of the sword. It’s comes off the sword as it’s made from blocks.

A snorkel-snorkel: and airplane that can go underwater and picks up the water and shoots it at the bad guys.

When you want the snorkel-snorkel to float on the water it turns into this. Longer wings and the water sucker at the front folds down.

The master ⚔️ swords: you can put them together to make one large sword. Or you can keep them as two for each hand. They can heal you when they touch you but they kill zombies.

The new Splatoon gun:

It has lots of ammo and it turns into a shell that protects you from splashing ink from other players. Here is Logan showing himself with the gun and inside a shell of protection.

The zombie ‘Going’ sword

This Going Sword was created to push the zombies away from you, to make them “go” away.

His imagination is always on and these MathLink cubes help him

He comes up with the coolest things and these MathLink cubes really help me to get his ideas easily built. We will definitely continue to document his stories and what he builds!

What I love about MathLink Cubes

  • They link together so easily and stay together
  • They have very fun colours
  • They are soft and have smooth edges
  • Playing with them build fine motor skills, pinching, holding, pulling apart, pushing together etc.
  • They provide endless imaginative play
  • Easy to use to count
  • You can find them on amazon here!

Do any of you have children who love to tell stories about the things they build? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Till next time,

Breathe deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue!


Sharing is caring!

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