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Life Skills In the Kitchen: How to Make These 4 Kitchen Staples!

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We use these 4 Kitchen Staples regularly with treats and baking and are a must-have in your pantry, but wouldn’t it be fun to know how to make them yourself?

Here are some great YouTube Videos to watch with your kids to learn how to make them yourself! This is on our plan for helping our kids learn Life Skills in the kitchen at home, and I wanted to share with you all as well. If and when we make them, I will post about it!

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Let’s test them out with our kids and learn a new skill that will be a valuable asset to have for the future!

Have you ever wondered how to make Ice Cream without an Ice Cream Maker? Maybe your kids are curious, or you want to offer something different for your Co-Op group to do together this month!

I have found some great learning resources for you to use for learning How To make Ice Cream,  Brown Sugar, Powdered Sugar, and Mayonnaise:

How To Make Icecream without a Machine

How To Make Brown Sugar

How To Make Butter

How To Make Mayonnaise By Jamie Oliver

If you guys try these out or have done so in the past, please comment below! We cannot wait to try them in our homeschool this month and in the New Year!

Mark these down in your Organizer!

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Sharing is caring!

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