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Looking for that pixie dust for your homeschool? Join me today with our first letter opening from Letters From Afar! A magical Letter mailed monthly to you!

Letters From Afar

The kids were super excited to find a letter in the mailbox today, with special writing and their names on it.

Letters From Afar

We opened it up and read the letter from Isabelle, a girl traveling across the world, sharing her stories of adventures with us!

This Month’s Letter From Afar Adventures took us to the Country of India!

Letters from Afar

Her story was about arriving in India through the Himalayas, meeting monks, seeing beautiful painted Elephants and visiting the beautiful city of love, Agra.

She told us of the Bazaar, the yummy food, all the people, and animals. She painted us a painting of the Taj Mahal, the painted elephants and the flag of India.??

This letter is jammed packed with adventures and inspires kids as she takes them through the journey with her.

How to sign up for Letters From Afar for your Homeschool

You can find more information about Letters from Afar at their website here. You can also check them out on Instagram. Signing up is really easy, and they take pay pal. It’s 6$ US a month for you to receive monthly handmade letters, from Isabelle. Your kids will be so excited and want to learn more about her next adventure. You can also order past letters (which I believe this was, our true July Letter should come soon, so stay tuned for that post!)

Letters From Afar

We are doing this as an added part to our social studies + geography for the year. So far, I believe it’s been worth it! It has gotten my 4 1/2-year-old looking at the map and finding the country. He loved opening it up on his own the next day, by himself with just me.

Letters From Afar

We found India on the map, and Canada and the province we live in.

Letters From Afar

We can’t wait for the next letter, and this month we will be getting two, as I ordered the last months letter too. If you have tried Letters from Afar, comment below and share with us your experience! I would love to hear about it. ?

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