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Learning About Roses to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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During the month of February, my 10 year old has been enjoying the February’s Love & Nature Learning Pack from Build Your Masterpiece Class. There are various, mini lessons each day/week with a monthly Read, Paint, Cook Activity Calendar. One of the lessons we have enjoyed is all about Roses.

Baked Apple Rose with Rose book and rose art coloring pages
Apple Rose Tarts and Rose Lesson from February’s Love and Nature Learning Pack from The Build Your Masterpiece Class

Reading Books about Roses this Valentine’s Day

My son read books about the topic, like “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose” by Lucille Colandro and “The Story of Valentines Day” by Clyde Robert Bulla. He also did some creative writing, and a watercolor drawing of circle roses. There is an awesome step by step tutorial from Art Projects for Kids.

Learning About Roses to Celebrate Valentine's Day with baking Apple Roses, with coloring pages and books

The Build Your Masterpiece Class lessons are all about Reading, Painting, and Cooking.

For our family Valentines party, we made Apple Rose Tarts. The QR codes in the lessons provide so many extra resources! The codes are my favorite thing about these units. For example, the codes have a video recipe for the Apple Rose Tart, and a recipe for white chocolate sprinkled candies.

Chocolate Heart Candies and Heart Sugar Cookies with sprinkles on cake stand for Valentine's Day Party

There are extra book suggestions and YouTube videos attached to the codes. Overall, we are enjoying the units from Build Your Masterpiece Class. My son has loved venturing through France, Russia, and Ireland using this curriculum.

Have you heard the story of how Valentine’s Day started?

There are various accounts of how Valentine’s Day came into existence. One of them suggests that Saint Valentine had a huge impact on this holiday. Valentine was placed in jail, due to religious preference. While in jail, he became friends with the prison guard, and befriended the guard’s blind daughter. Before Valentine was killed, he sent a note to the young girl. The note read, “From Your Valentine.”

There are also stories that Valentine’s Day derived from an ancient festival that was created in Rome, and observed from the 13th to the 15th of February, to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility. The Romans called it Lupercalia. It was to honour a Roman god named Lupercus, who looked after their crops and animals. It was also a celebration of the beginning of Spring.

During the Middle Ages, those in England eventually started to celebrate this holiday. Fancy, Valentine Balls became a huge event to find husbands and wives. It’s been told that they sometimes created paper mache or clay balls, with a person’s name written inside. Once placed in water, the paper with a name would float up, and that would be the person they would marry.

In the early 1800’s, Victorian Valentines were also very popular during this time. Nowadays, some people collect Victorian Valentines because they are so intricate, pretty, and usually feature some old fashioned artistry.

Over the centuries, Valentines Day has evolved and is now celebrated by handing out Valentines, giving loved ones flowers and chocolates, and children usually have parties.

Read more about the Story of Valentine’s Day in this book here:


Thanks for reading today, we hope you enjoy building a masterpiece with scissors and glue, and roses too!



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Learning About Roses to Celebrate Valentine's Day

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Learning About Roses to Celebrate Valentine's Day

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