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Lace-Imprint Clay Ornaments + Book Review

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We have been inspired to create our own Lace-Imprint Christmas Tree Ornaments while reading The Marvelous and Much Loved Christmas Tree by Kelly Grettler and they are Marvelous! Come check out my tutorial for you and your kids to make your own ornaments today:)

There is something magical about a Christmas Tree.

Every year it comes out and gets decorated with memories of years past. The more years you have, the more decorations you have collected and crafted, as well as cherished from loved ones who have passed them down, from generation to generation.

The Grettler Family Christmas Tree, the inspiration behind “The Marvelous Much Loved Christmas Tree”.

The connection of family and love is a beautiful thing, and with Kelly Grettler’s latest Children’s book, The Marvelous Much Loved Christmas Tree, you and your kids will indeed remember the joys of the holidays, become excited about decorating trees and cherishing loved ones this time of year. Kelly Grettler shares with us that it was their very own Christmas Tree that inspired her to write this lovely book.

“There are so many ornaments from so many years, dating back to my first one, circa 1968.  I illustrated some of our favorites and you’ll find them in the book!” – Kelly Grettler


The section of Kelly’s Christmas Tree that inspired the illustrations in “The Marvelous Much Loved Christmas Tree”.

Reading this book in our homeschool has inspired us to make our own Marvelous Lace-Imprint Christmas Tree Ornaments, and you know me, I love a good Clay Art Project! Grab your copy of this book, plus your clay basket, and let’s get started!


This technique is very simple to do, and children love it! Watch my youtube video where I created some simple ornaments with a bit of clay, lace, a rolling pin, a couple Christmas cookie cutters, and a paintbrush!

Lace-Imprint Clay Ornaments Art Project

Supplies Needed:

  • Air Dry Clay
  • Rolling Pin
  • Wax paper, parchment paper, or a table protector (we are using an old shower curtain as an art drop sheet for messy projects, they work great!)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Lace ribbon, small, medium, or large
  • Other fun Imprinting objects, such as bubble wrap, pine cones, wicker balls, seashells, and more!
  • Clear Glitter Glue, in Many Colors!

Method for Making Lace-Imprint Clay Ornaments with your kids:

Work your clay in your hands, to form a ball, and soften up. Using your rolling pin, roll out your clay, to your desired thickness, take your lace ribbon, and gently lay it onto your clay in whatever pattern or design you would like.

Then, with your rolling pin, gently roll over top of the lace and press it into the smooth clay.

This is such a relaxing art project, and so fun! I used a very thin ribbon of lace and placed it over the clay in random lines across, reminding me of a string of lights on a Christmas tree. Gently remove your lace to reveal it’s patterned imprint!


When you are satisfied with your lace imprints, you are ready to use your cookie cutter. Simply cut out shape after shape, and poke a hole in the top with the back of a thin paintbrush handle.

Allow time for drying. Speed up the drying process by placing your clay shapes in a warm oven, around 220F, for half an hour, or so. I like to flip them if I am able, but it’s not necessary.

When your clay has dried and hardened completely, you can add some acrylic paint and glitter glue to and a beautiful shine, and seal!


Allow your lace-imprint clay ornaments to dry, and then cut some string, and tie it up. You are now ready to hand your ornaments on the tree or wrap them as gifts for loved one’s Christmas Trees, to cherish for years to come.

Kelly’s Advice for Young Students interested in Writing:

“Get yourself a journal, grab a pen, and just write. Every day. Write whatever comes to mind, don’t worry about editing, just write. Doing this will open up those creative juices, where the good stuff is waiting to come out! Save whatever you write that you feel holds potential, because there is no time limit on getting them published. If you believe in them, then don’t ever give up on them!” ~ Kelly Grettler, Children’s Book Author

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Til next time,

Breathe deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue and clay ornaments for the tree too!



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2 thoughts on “Lace-Imprint Clay Ornaments + Book Review”

  1. These ornaments are truly marvelous!
    Thanks so much for all the love you’ve shown for the book, it truly means so much to me!
    I’m so happy that it has touched you, and inspired you like it has!

    Merry Christmas & Much Love,
    Kelly ❤️?❤️

    1. Thank you so much Kelly! It means so much to us that you enjoy our inspired art projects with your book! Merry Christmas to you and yours, much ❤️, Alexandra ?

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