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Do your kids want to learn how to play Chess? ChessKid.com works for us!

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Our kids Love to play Chess.

They had their first Chess lesson at our last years Homeschooling Convention in Saskatoon. They had a class for the kids, while the parents went to the lectures and shopped for books and curriculum. They came home really pumped to learn more about chess. Their dad gave them a few lessons, but when we found ChessKid.com. It changed things immensely for them. Then we got the App for our iPad. They couldn’t get enough! The video lessons are really fun, engaging and like a story. They have used it in bed at night time, in the car traveling across the city for errands, and really any other time of day. Right now, my daughter has learned enough that she is now teaching her grandma how to play, she comes over regularly for visits and playing as well as for her to teach her the things she is learning.


The app has robots you can play, with different levels of difficulty. There is a really great feature, it’s a light bulb that you turn on and it helps you with your next move, it shows you the options you have. This is really good for my kids as it teaches them the correct moves and ways each piece is supposed to move. The other awesome feature compared to a real chess board is that he can not mess up the game board just for fun, or by accident, as its an app! The pieces cannot fall off!


For our daughter who is in grade 1, she was really wanting a nice chess board that she could practice on as well, in conjunction with her iPad App. So, we searched and found a Magnetic Travel Chess Board that is just perfect for her, and it’s good for her younger brother too when he plays as the pieces can’t be knocked around as easily. This set has been so fun to use, easy to pack up and store on the shelf for the next time. We store this in our homeschool space next to the dining room. You can read more about our Homeschool Space Tour here in this post.

She is now teaching her mom-mom and her great grandma how to play chess, and the funny quote from that has been, “Mom-Mom I told you how to do that twice already!” Apparently, it is harder to teach an old dog new tricks.  They are so impressed with how much she understands of the game, and the app really has helped her with that. Here they are using her magnetic chess board, with the iPad and the ChessKids app helping them along their game.


The ChessKid website says that this program is organized for coaches, with tools to manage your club, organize tournaments and activities, as well as access teaching materials to support your coaching. It’s optimized for districts, where you can set up every class in every school. It is perfect for schools, with an easy online curriculum, simple to manage your classroom, and see your student report cards.  It’s smart for parents because playing chess improves memorization and IQ, and that turns online time into learning time, in a safe online environment. They say it’s fun for kids all around the world, to play as much as you want and to learn from puzzles and videos all at your fingertips. And best of all, it is easy for home schools, because it has a complete chess curriculum, it makes it fun and you can also track progress with report cards.

And here is my littlest one, ‘playing chess’ as he lines them up and plays with the ‘guys’.

I say, yes to ChessKid.com and we love their iPad app, that is available through iTunes! It is also compatible with the iPhone, so when the kids are wanting to play it at the same time, no worries! The computer also is great for their account and they can play it online on the computer as well. We recommend you check it out if your child has any desire to play the game 🙂


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