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Kelp Cookies: An Octonauts Inspired Lesson Plan!

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Bake up some delicious Kelp Cookies with your kids while reading The Octonauts and The Great Big Open Ocean by Meomi. Recipe + Lesson Plan in our Shop Now!

Kelp Cookies: An Octonauts Inspired Free Lesson Plan!

Our kids just love the Octonauts and while reading The Octonauts Explore the Great Big Open Ocean we got to talking about Kelp Cookies. Not only were we wanting to learn more about Kelp Forests, but I was also really interested to learn how to make a kelp cookie because my kids love cookies and the concept of the Vegimals is so much fun. As it turns out, kelp cookies are super easy to make!

What is needed to make Kelp Cookies?

I wanted to learn how to make these delicious Kelp cakes and cookies that the Vegimals love, and to make Kelp Cookies you really only need two things: a good cookie recipe, and Kelp Powder. So, where do you find Kelp Powder? Well, Amazon had some, but so did our local health food store!

Kelp Cookies: Octonauts + The Kelp Forest~ FREE Lesson Plan

That’s really all it takes, and I will share with you the recipe we used to make these Kelp Cookies! Whip these up with your kids for Story Time with The Octonauts Explore The Great Big Open Ocean today.

Find this recipe and our Kelp Forest Lesson Plan in our TpT shop.


Our kids loved these cookies and had the best time learning about Kelp Cookies to the Kelp Forests off the coast of California!

Download The Octonauts Inspired Lesson Plan + Recipe in our Shop!


Kelp Cookies: An Octonauts Inspired Free Lesson Plan!


Coloring Activity: Designing Our Own Kelp Cakes

While reading The Octonauts Explore The Great Big Open Ocean we also colored our own Kelp Cakes! The kids loved coloring them during story time, right before we ate lunch, a great learning resource from Meomi, the creators of the Octonauts. This art project is also included in our Lesson Plan.

Mr.5 created a Cherry and Strawberry Flavoured Kelp Cake with a spicy top, Miss.8 created a Watermelon and Cherry Flavoured Kelp Cake with White Icing all over, and Mr.7 created a very abstract Kelp Cake with lots of flavors: Watermelon, Vanilla, Nutella, Coconut Water, and Blueberry. They have watched the show and read the books so many times, it was nice to finally create their own kelp cake, very cool! We also talked about Habitats in the ocean, and what habitat the Vegimals really came from? They all thought, the kelp forest!


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Thanks for reading today.

Share with me in the comments below, do your kids love the Octonuats too?

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Have fun scissors and glue and kelp cookies too!


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