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J is for Juggling – Blogging Through The Alphabet

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J is for Juggling and Jim Henson’s Muppets, in The Sesame Street Libary Book Series, that we just love!

The Sesame Street Libary has been something I have been collecting over the years, and we are close to having the full set. These books are fun to read and have funny stories with the Muppets! Each book features 2-3 new letters and numbers to the reader, and my favorite part is when Cookie Monster comes in and teaches you how to bake cookies! He popup every few books or so.

I am participating in a fun weekly blogging party, called “Blogging Through the Alphabet” and we link up that weeks post every Friday. This week is my first week and is all about the letter J.  I want to share a fun poem, found in volume 5, of the Sesame Street Libary, with Jim Henson’s Muppets:

“The Jolly Juggler”

There is a jolly juggler

Who juggles every day.

She can juggle lots of things

That all begin with J.


She can juggle jugs and jacks

And jars of jelly, too.

And if your name begins with J

She’ll even juggle you.


‘Cause she can juggle Johnnies, 

And Janes and Joels and Jills.

Oops, there’s been a big mistake – 

Hey, wait… my name is Bill!” ~ Poem from The Sesame Street Library Vol 5.

Juggling is great to strengthen gross motor skills

Here are our top 5 resources for you to learn how to juggle, and teach your kids how too!

  1. Gross Motor Activities for Kids: Juggling | The Inspired Treehouse
  2. Learn Scarf Juggling Basics | The National Circus Project
  3. How To Make Juggling Balls | Shaun and Kyra YT Channel
  4. Teaching Juggling to Little Kids | International Jugglers Association
  5. How To Teach Juggling 10: Steps (with Pictures) | Wiki How

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Thanks for reading today!

Do your kids like to juggle?

Have fun with scissors and glue, and the letter J too!



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