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“If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” Learning Pack

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Perfect for Preschool

“If You Give A Mouse a Cookie” Learning Pack from the Masterpiece Studio was the perfect fit for my two preschool-aged boys. Right away, I decided to purchase the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Joffe Numeroff for our personal home book collection, but it would certainly be easy enough to borrow from your local library. You can also find a read-aloud of this book on Youtube. Check out:

This is one of those books you can’t read just once. If your kids are anything like mine, they will beg to hear it again and again.


Learning through Baking

After we read the story, we used the yummy, chocolate chip cookie recipe from the learning pack to bake our delicious batch of cookies. There’s really nothing like warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies to snack on while learning. Baking is a great tool for learning and my kids love to bake. They enjoy following directions, measuring ingredients, mixing, and taking turns. Baking provides real-life lessons for even the youngest learners. Baking also develops patience while waiting through the excitement of watching cookies bake. Of course, we keep our oven light on the entire time to watch our cookies’ progress.

3-Part Cards

My boys love 3-part cards because it is a game to them, not boring school work. The 3-part cards from this particular learning pack are large enough for little hands to easily handle and the images are engaging. 3-part cards are perfect for us because, well, there are three of us. Since my boys are not yet reading, I always take the stack of cards with just the words. One of my boys gets the stack of cards with just pictures and the other one will get the stack of cards with both pictures and words. The first person holds up one of their cards, for example, a glass of milk. The two remaining players find the matching parts to that card and hand it to the first person. We then rotate turns holding up the first card. After all the cards are matched, we review each word.

Thoughtful Coloring

Another activity well-loved in my house is coloring. The Masterpiece Studio always includes coloring pages in her activity packs. The next best thing to eating cookies, is, of course, coloring pictures of cookies. While my boys color their cookie pictures, we talk about the cookies they are creating. What makes your cookie creation special? What different ingredients would you add? Would our mouse friend like it? Lastly, I asked them the question from the bottom of the page. I love writing their answers exactly how they say them because it creates such fun memories. Especially when my three-year-old answers with “I don’t want to tell you!” because that’s how a three-year-old thinks.

Fun for all Ages

There are other activities in this learning pack that we did not get to do. Some activities are above my kids’ level of learning. Even if you do not have a preschooler in your home or classroom, this pack can be enjoyed by students of many different ages, abilities, and interests. The Masterpiece Studio leaves enough room in all of her learning packs to appeal to the youngest learner in simple terms, up to more advanced students looking for a fun learning challenge. This learning pack also pairs well with the “Chocolate Adventure and Life Cycle of a Cocoa Bundle” by The Masterpiece Studio.

Isn’t any excuse to bake cookies a great one? I think it is.


Grab this Cookie Learning Pack here:


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