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Our Favorite Book To Read On Mother’s Day! “How to Raise a Mom” by Jean Reagan – A Book Review

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This Mother’s Day, snuggle up with a good book with your children to celebrate moms, with the Children’s Book “How to Raise a Mom” by Author Jean Reagan. It’s our favorite!

We have been reading 10 fabulous books for Mother’s Day this past week and created some beautiful Mother’s Day Cards with Buttons but this book has been our favorite! I just had to share more about Jean Reagan’s book about How to Raise a Mom.

It’s such a fun twist on the relationship between mother and child!

I found this twist to be so refreshing! My children loved seeing these two children helping their mom, in all aspects of her day. From the moment she wakes up, to the close of the day at bedtime, her two children are by her side, caring for her just the way a mom would care for her child, showing her how much they love her.

How to Raise a Mom by Jean Reagan - A Book Review

This book gives children a new perspective on what their mom does for them, without hesitation, as well as a look into the eyes of a child who receives the care a mom gives. As they go on outings the children help their mom stay happy and not too bored, just like how a mom would with her kiddos.

How to Raise a Mom by Jean Reagan - A Book Review

When going to the park, the kids encourage her to play with other moms, and remind her to share, which I thought was so cute.

How to Raise a Mom by Jean Reagan - A Book Review

Learn what it takes to raise a healthy and happy mom

I know for me, it is easy to forget about this important truth, but it really is so important, and the children give lots of fun and helpful tips for kids on how to help moms get exercise and be healthy, have fun and play. From soccer outside to yoga in the park! They even have a brilliant rainy day indoor activity of having a beach party, all the things they enjoy doing together.

How to Raise a Mom by Jean Reagan - A Book Review

With “How To Raise a Mom” your kids will have lots of inspiration for ways they can raise their mom to be a happy and healthy mom!

Inspiration for kids to be independent

One of my favorites was when mom needs to work and the kids find something to work on while she is busy. I loved seeing them create art while mommy is on the computer, which is something that happens daily in our homeschool while I am creating our Art + Literature Curriculum called The Build Your Masterpiece Class.

How to Raise a Mom by Jean Reagan - A Book Review

This book is great for Mother’s Day, but also good for any time of year! Read this with your kids, and see how your kids try to care for you!

How to Raise a Mom by Jean Reagan - A Book Review

Find more from Author Jean Reagon on her Website, Facebook, and Twitter!

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