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How to Paint Pumpkins with Leaves + Mog Podge for kids!

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Painting with Pumpkins with Leaves + Mod Podge

Supplies Needed:


Method for painting your own pumpkin with Leaves

  • Begin by carving your pumpkin, if you would like too. You can also leave your pumpkin uncarved.
  • Next, paint your pumpkin with acrylic paint. You can do a solid color, or multiple colors and allow to dry completely.
  • Once dry, take your Mod Podge and apply a thin layer on the pumpkin, and press your leaves on top.
  • Apply a second layer of mod podge over your leaves. Repete this process until you have the desired amount of leaves on your pumpkin.
  • Allow to dry completely and store outside, to help keep your pumpkin from rotting too early.
  • Enjoy your painted pumpkin during the halloween season!
Painting our Pumpkins, before applying the leaves


This pumpkin painting with mod podge and leaves art project was so much fun, and the kids and I had a blast! I was the one who wanted to try the leaves on my pumpkin, and my son simply painted his pumpkin wild colors, and my daughter carved hers all by her self.

If you have ever tried this art project, comment below!


Til next time,

Breath deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue and pumpkins too!



Sharing is caring!

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