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House Cleaning Tips for Your Homeschool

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Let’s get our House Cleaning Under Control with some fabulous tips, tricks, and advice from moms who have tried and tested it all!

We have been homeschooling for more than four years now and I thought that having a messy house was definitely the way it would always be, but now that our kids are getting a bit older, they are starting to want to do more chores around the house!

The main things I have been hearing that encourage long-term success with keeping your house clean, and you all happy are:

  • training your kids
  • organize your home
  • find a cleaning schedule that works for you
  • plus a few more…

But, how do you start all of that? Let me share with you, some helpful tips, tricks, and hacks that I have found!  Plus some things we are trying now with our kids.

Using a House Cleaning Calendar

Having a House Cleaning Calendar seems to be a really brilliant step, and The Clean Mama has an awesome cleaning calendar and daily schedule, as well as weekly cleaning charts to help you maximize your daily cleaning to help you come full circle by the end of the week, and month. I am eager to give this a try in our home and had to share it with you because I am in search of finding some balance with #allthethings!

Clean Mama is an excellent source of knowledge all about keeping your home clean and working with daily schedules. She has so much included in this FREE Printable, you are going to LOVE it!
She has done so much work for us and I am so grateful for this free resource.

More from Clean Mama:

Check out Clean Mama’s FREE Homekeeping Calendar

Check out the 6 things she does every day to keep the house clean

And of course, Find her on Instagram.


Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Looking for a fun way to keep your fridge smelling lovely? Try this little cutie out!

Clean Your Fridge + Tips

What to learn how to clean your Fridge? Check out this very helpful video that walks you through all the steps in cleaning your fridge. This can be helpful


My kids are loving a Points System

Now that my kids are 7 + 8, they are wanting to be more involved with chores, and I simply started with the Homey App, and while starting with the app, the kids wanted to try doing some of the chores, like emptying the dishwasher, and putting the dishes away, sweeping the floor, things like this. I was a little shocked, and so impressed.

The app seemed to work. But, it wasn’t working fast enough, at that moment, as I still was learning how to use it, and so we started to make a list of their own chores they wanted to tackle in a day. I know that getting kids involved, and it being their decision is a huge assistance in this, and so I am running with it.

I was explaining to them that some chores they need to do are actually responsibilities and not jobs they will get paid for doing, and I explained how mommy does a lot of chores or jobs and doesn’t get paid. Some will be paid, and some won’t. They decided to create their own POINTS system, which is still TBA as to all the details of this, but for now, its mainly only points they get when they do certain tasks, and surprisingly this simple concept is helping them do all of the daily things, which was a huge struggle for me earlier.


Routine Check Lists

Last year, we created a really handy printable for kids and their daily chores called Jobs to do Today, and it was working really well for us. You can read more about it in this post here.

Download the Jobs to do Today FREE Printable

Subscribe to our downloads library and access this printable, among many others that I have created over the years. I am working on more great printables that are added regularly as well.





Tips for Managing your Laundry

We have so much laundry, it is a constant chore that seems to always pile up. Now, when I first began homeschooling, I went to a convention and heard the best advice when it came to laundry or chores. If your plan is to let it pile, and then clean it all on one day, that is ok. You have a plan. The plan will be your friend. But, what if you don’t have a plan?

Sometimes you just have so much dirty laundry you MUST put in more than one load every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to know some tips or tricks to make it work a bit easier? And what about teaching your kids to help? If you don’t have a plan, how can you teach it?

Well the other day, I found what I think was the most helpful video ever about managing your laundry room! Things I did not know, with really great tips and tricks!

Jordan Page blogs at FunCheapOrFree and she has so many great tips in this YouTube Video and I had to share this with you today because it really helped me, and I am taking notes from her hoping to put into action some of her laundry sorting tips! Plus, her laundry room is really fabulous.

Here is Jordan’s video, so you can check out her Laundry hacks, tips, and tricks ASAP!

I hope you guys enjoyed Jordan’s tips, I know I sure did. I love her laundry shoot, sorting bins, and clean laundry bin storage! Seriously a great design she has there, and I am hopeful to tweak our laundry room more to help us with our piles and piles of laundry.

I recently posted on Instagram how we have our laundry room set up, and even though it is very basic, and in a basement room that needs to be renovated really badly, we have made it work for us.

Do I dream of a laundry shoot? YES. Do I dream of new flooring? YES. But for now, I can make this work.

Products that can help

Jordan talks about a steam cleaner, and I did a search and found a really good one for a good price on Amazon, that you can use to clean so many different things in your home, I think it would be a fabulous Christmas gift, hands down!


I wanted to share a couple of my favorite laundry baskets, in case you were looking for something new…






I hope these tips have been able to help you out today, with finding inspiration with your home and teaching your kids!

Till next time,

Breathe deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and cleaning too!



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